Multiple sclerosis freeze stem cells

British scientists are working on a new method of treatment of multiple sclerosis, which allows you to "reinstall" the immune system, which makes it possible to slow down the progression of the disease in almost half of patients, health info writes citing

46% of victims of multiple sclerosis have been able to suspend the development of the disease for at least 5 years, according to the staff at Imperial College London. This disease occurs at a time when the immune system begins to work correctly and mistakenly attacks the nerve cells in the brain and spinal column. This causes the characteristic symptoms, including movement disorders, vision and speech.

The scientists decided to use for the treatment of multiple sclerosis method of autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (AHSCT), through which passed the patients with advanced form of the disease does not respond to other therapies. Earlier AHSCT checked on the victims of certain forms of cancer, and the results were promising. Methods how to reset the immune system, but scientists do not know how durable is its effect.

And now observe the patient to continue as much as 5 years. Almost half of this method of treatment of multiple sclerosis will stop the progression of the disease. All these years, they have not seen the slightest deterioration - a disease like "freeze."

However, the authors emphasize AHSCT technique that it includes aggressive chemotherapy to eliminate "defective" immune cells, which entails very significant risks. Within a short period the person is absent immunity, and any infection can be fatal for him. During the experiment, 8 patients in the 281 died because of these infections.