Do not be afraid of the routine, too happy it!

Every day we go to work, talk to the same people, have lunch at one and the same time. And once we think: nothing happens in my life, there is no place for the new, the unknown. So I am unhappy? But it may be monotonous life is our happiness?

Steve Maraboli, author of motivational books, said: "Happiness - it is not the absence of problems, the ability to solve them", said health info with reference to Applying this sentence to life, think about the obstacles that we face every day, the difficulties that we are overcoming as soon as we arrange everything on the shelves.

And imagine what it would be like if every day there was something new in your life? What if it was shaken by the daily changes and surprises (both pleasant and not very much)? It is unlikely that it would make you happy.

So, in our repetitive monotony and routine, it makes sense? How can we help routine? So what's this?

WHAT routine?

Historian Fredi Gonzalez and Ph.D. Margarita Villegas decided to see to it that any benefits given daily duties.

What routine? The set of traditions and habits, which are followed by all of us. It is reasonable to argue that they are needed for people to be able to adequately co-exist in society.

Habits positive impact on children, because they allow them to feel secure. In adult life routine actions relieve us from the daily decision making hundreds.

Gonzalez and Villegas in their research concluded that routine creates the conditions for each of us to adapt to the social environment and allows us to understand their rights, attitudes and behavior.

BENEFITS routine of

We are afraid of the term "routine", but is necessarily every day to occupy himself with new hobbies and try to diversify the daily life, to be happy? Our happiness depends on how we view the world and how we are able to make decisions.


Routine - our comfort zone. In all aspects of her life our transparent. We have a work schedule, well-defined family relationships, we selected friends and much more. In this sense, at some point in the routine frees us from a lot of pressure. The routine creates a comfortable space that provides us and our children safety. Nothing escapes us. However, there is a danger that the possible drastic changes to which we are not accustomed to hurt us too much. After all, comfort is not eternal, and we must be sure that we can always create a calm environment for life.


At heart, we do not cease to be children, and we, as children, sometimes characterized by uncertainty. Built a solid foundation in the form of daily repetitive actions and habits allows you to feel less stressed when we are faced with something new. Ancient customs and traditions of the peoples helped to avoid possible mistakes and stress, to keep peace in the family, feel more satisfied.

Organization time.

Another advantage of the routine - it helps to arrange a time. we can more wisely allocate Day Thanks habits. A clear plan helps more in time. In addition, the routine associated with the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness. Well-organized actions take less time and effort to reduce the risk of stress and chaos.


We are not born with a full set of ready-made knowledge and habits. we can improve skills or learn new every day Due to routine operations.

For example, to learn English, practicing every day for only 20 minutes. Or to develop the ability to analyze, daily reading and retelling. You do not become a great musician or a painter without the daily activities. One little talent for this.

One of the most valuable skills in the modern world - creativity. But it needs to be trained. Create certain conditions must be able to be alone with yourself, to give yourself time during the day. Make it a chaos, without a specific operational strategy impossible.

All this proves that routine - not a synonym for boredom and monotony. It all depends on our ability to direct it in the right direction. Prioritize and rationally arrange the time to develop their skills - all this requires habits and self-discipline. Get the benefits and joy of the constant search for something new is much more difficult.