How to clean the liver natural products

Liver - is the most important "cleansing" the body throughout our body. Our health and well-being depends on the liver.

Our living habits, nutrition and pollution severely harm the liver, which is why it can not work normally.

Watch your diet and in no case do not self-medicate.

Experts spoke about the top 15 foods that will help you cleanse the liver.

1. Spinach

Spinach - this is one of the foods richest glutathione. If you've never heard about this item, you will be interested to know that it is vital for the health of our liver:

This material is formed by three amino acids: cysteine, glycine and glutamate.

In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant that protects our body from the attack of free radicals.

Glutathione contained in spinach helps cleanse the liver from toxins and harmful substances.

2. Lemons

Lemon increases the levels of vitamin C in the body and helps the liver remove toxins from the body.

Every morning on an empty stomach is useful to drink a glass of warm water with lemon. This useful citrus fruits, we increase the level of vitamin C in the body and help the liver to synthesize and remove toxins from the body.

Furthermore, lemons are rich in antioxidants and minerals which normalize the liver.

3. Brussels sprouts

Very useful at least twice a week to eat Brussels sprouts, cooked with olive oil. Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, contain isothiocyanate - type of liver enzymes, which help us to rid the body of toxins.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric - is one of the most beneficial for the liver spices. It can be used to improve the taste of ready meals or as a natural food coloring.

Turmeric facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body.

It helps to reduce the inflammation of the liver, and also facilitates digestion and stimulates the production of bile.

5. Walnuts nuts.

Nuts - a natural source of glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids. Also do not forget that these nuts contain arginine, which helps to cleanse the liver and excrete ammonia.

Why not include in his usual breakfast of four walnuts?

6. Avocado

Avocado - an excellent source of vegetable fats that are useful for the liver.

Many people do not eat them, because they are very high in calories. The secret lies in the right balance. There will be nothing wrong if every day to eat half an avocado, rich in nutrients and glutathione.

Do not forget to add avocado to salads, because this fruit contains essential fatty acids and improves mood.

7. Apples

Eat apples every day with the skin - and you protect yourself from many diseases. They contain a large amount of pectin, and other components, which improve digestion, nutrient uptake facilitate and strengthen the liver.

If in addition to take care of the health of the liver, you want to burn fat, do not forget to eat one green apple a day.

Eat apples every day and lose weight!

8. Garlic

Garlic purifies the liver and fights inflammation.

Clove of garlic on an empty stomach, Requests glass of water, it helps us to cleanse the body and nourishes its allicin and selenium. These two minerals help cleanse the liver, act as potent antibiotics, and reduce inflammation.

If you are worried because of the bad breath, then chew a little mint. Your body will appreciate it.

9. Infusion of dandelion

If every day to make the infusion dandelion after main meals, you will improve digestion, the liver will be easier to break down fats and produce amino acids that have a positive effect on our well-being.

Get started now!

10. Asparagus

Asparagus facilitates fluid removal from the body and helps take care of the liver and kidney health.

White and green asparagus (whether wild or cultivated) - this is just what you need. Any type of asparagus helps to eliminate fluid from the body and helps take care of the liver and kidney health.

Asparagus is perfect to combine with scrambled eggs and serve for dinner: an excellent source of protein and minerals that will benefit your body.

11. White tea

White tea is rich in antioxidants - it has more of them than in green tea.

This drink is very rich katehininami that positively affect the liver.

Drink two cups of white tea a day.

12. Olive oil

Organic cold-pressed oil has a positive effect on the liver and protects it from inflammation.

Try to give preference to olive oil direct extraction, the best of organic origin. Organic cold-pressed oil has a positive effect on the liver and protects it from inflammation and contamination by toxins.

13. Buckwheat

This is one of the best whole grains to our liver. It contributes to the formation of enzymes that facilitate its purification and participate in the exchange of amino acids and vitamins.

14. Cocktail from Beet and Carrot

Cocktail of carrots and beets - it's just an effective tool to stimulate the liver and cleanse it. Due to the same high content of various vitamins in carrots and beets we purify the body, get rid of constipation, improve digestion and saturate the body with flavonoids and beta-carotene.

15. Tomatoes

They are rich in vitamins, lycopene and glyutainom and help to strengthen the cardiovascular system and liver. When heat treatment lycopene content in tomatoes is increasing, and in combination with olive oil properties are enhanced.

Every day, be sure to eat some of these foods, and your liver will thank you.

16. Cleansing the liver and gall bladder oats

This simple procedure will help improve the health of the liver. A week before the start of the procedure, as well as during the course of purification is recommended to switch to a vegetarian diet, giving preference to foods rich in fiber.

Driving cleansing

1 and 6 days: within 200 g of the day to eat steamed oat bran.

2nd day: day eat cereal 300 g herculean water.

3 5 and 7 days: 150-200 g to eat throughout the day germinated oats.

4th day: day eat porridge 300 g water.

According to the above scheme to spend cleaning within 21 days. Make a break for a week, during which daily have as much fresh fruit and berries. Repeat the course of purification in the same way, and then gradually move to a regular diet.