5 interesting facts about the benefits of swimming

The hobby of many people jogging leaves aside many other sports that allow us to maintain a beautiful figure and take care of health. Swimming - one of them, according to health info with reference to steptohealth.ru.

It is hardly fair that swimming is not given due attention. So, during swimming lessons run every part of our body, thanks to him, we become stronger and sturdier.

In the water we feel at ease and almost get tired.

Therefore, swimming is suitable for a person of any age and constitution, even for those of us who suffer from diseases of the muscles and bones.

Each of us can be adapted swimming lessons for their individual needs. Given this, experts told about the benefits of sport for health.

1. Improves circulation

The movements that we make in the water, stimulate our circulation. In the pool, we use not only hands, but also all the muscles of the torso and lower extremities.

At the same time work and those parts of the body that remain fixed during routine visits to the gym: the ankles, wrists, fingers and toes.

As for the legs, then this activity is very important, because it is in this part of the body most often occur circulatory disorders.

During our voyage body is in a horizontal position. Together with our movements performed it helps to normalize blood circulation throughout the body.

2. Improves the figure

Firstly, Swimming makes work actively our heart. This allows us to more efficiently burn fat.

This voyage does not end use. We are making efforts, pushing the water and propelling the body forward. This remains our muscles toned.

To enhance this effect, we recommend that you use some special tools, such as a board. This will strengthen the work of some muscles and reduce stress of others.

You can alternate between smooth sailing intensive. The latter will increase the heart rate, and fat cells will burn faster.

3. Lowers stress.

Also swimming good for our mental health. In order to practice this sport we need the high concentration.

Like other sports, swimming stimulates the production of the hormone serotonin pleasure and reduces the level of cortisol, which is associated with stress.

Unlike jogging, swimming requires a lot of attention. Depending on the style, we have to perform certain movements. To do this, we need concentration. As a result, negative thoughts leave our consciousness.

While we are in the water, the whole world for us to disappear, leaving only our body, our movements and water.

4. Relaxes muscles

When retreating stress, our muscles relax. It is known that stress and contractures occur when our muscles are too weak to withstand the challenges that confront us every day.

The movements that we perform in the water, to revive the life of our muscles, relaxing them tense areas.

Some of us nervous tension leads to pain in the neck and back.

If that is the case, make sure you note the swimming.

5. It increases our self-esteem

Imagine that moment when you step out of the pool. No stress, no pain, and your figure with each passing day is getting better. It brings a lot of joy and satisfaction, right?

Think about that now only eight in the morning, and you are ready to start a new day full of energy and in good spirits.

As a result, you will be easier to cope with work and maintain relationships with other people. Your day will be held on a positive wave, quietly and easily, and at night you will not have any problems sleeping.

This is your self-esteem will be higher and health - stronger.

When we start the day in a good state of health and with a positive attitude, things are going favorably. As a result, you remain pleased with themselves.