Even 300 g of beer a week

Only about 300 g of beer already during the beginning of the process to harden the arteries, which can lead to heart disease. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from University College London, says health info with reference to medikforum.ru.

British researchers observed almost 4000 people over 25 years. They found that even moderate alcohol consumption at the level of half glasses of wine a week, causes premature aging of the cardiovascular system. As suggested by science, alcohol activates the enzymes, which adversely affect the degree of elasticity of artery walls, reducing their conductivity and obstructing blood flow.

Researchers measured how quickly the artificial wave pulses pass through the main artery in the neck and hips volunteers. The higher the speed, the more stringent are the artery. The resulting information collated with data on the level of the volunteers consumed alcoholic beverages. Note that cardiovascular diseases are still the main cause of death of inhabitants of our planet.

The study showed that even 300 grams of beer or half a glass of wine a week was enough to ensure that the process of hardening of the arteries began. However, the researchers emphasize that it is still not entirely clear how alcohol affects the health of the arteries. Moreover, previous studies have shown some benefit of moderate alcohol consumption. It is known that alcohol can increase the level of "good" cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Still, spirits activate enzymes that cause the accumulation of collagen. And this, in turn, facilitates the process of hardening of the arteries.