Nutritional supplements with antioxidants may be deadly

New research shows that the mega-popular dietary supplements with antioxidants can significantly accelerate the aging process, increasing the risk of premature death, according to health info with reference to

The vast majority of US adults take any dietary supplements with vitamins to maintain the stability of the immune system, youthful skin and a high energy level. However, research has shown that a constant supply of the body chemicals can disable response to stressful conditions.

This means that the immune system is too trust in food additives and cease to work independently. The human body becomes more vulnerable to cancer and heart disease.

The authors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences urged the young people to stop taking supplements with antioxidants like vitamin C and polyphenols. Previously, the same group of researchers demonstrated that in improving immune functions of the body with antioxidants, these additives do not bring about any good.

Our body has a built-in system for combating oxidative stress, the effects of which weakens with age, making us more vulnerable to all sorts of illnesses and infections, as well as to the aging process. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to maintain the viability of the system with the help of proper nutrition and exercise. Nutritional supplements with antioxidants completely shut down the system, which increases the risk of dangerous diseases, and premature death.