7 simple rules that will change the life right now

How do you want to radically change your life, make it rich, interesting and happy. Each of us at least once in life thought about it. And what is the result? The success or disappointment? The joy or sorrow? How to focus on the success and take the road of peace and prosperity?

The desire for conscious life, and finding himself constantly linked with doubts. Blogger Eric Lane talks about why the pursuit of the perfect life, we lose sight of life itself, according to health info with reference to psychologies.ru.

How to change this? Become consciously?

We experience life events as if in fast forward. If we could slow down, everything would be played in a new light. That is why the idea of ??life slow, when life is flowing steadily, so popular now, especially for residents of cities that do not have time to constantly.

But excuses we have thousands of reasons. Career, that allows us to feel important, dressing room, allows you to look presentable. We are mired in domestic affairs, daily routine or, on the contrary, we do not pay any attention to that in the pursuit of the perfect life.

What can we do now?

1. Pay attention to each moment

It is not necessary to carry out his every vacation in an exotic country. Even ordinary things give a taste for life - for example, the same game with the kids on the front lawn. Instead look to the future, try to stay in the present.

2. Learn to see the beauty in simple things

Beauty - the key to the realization of the most important. Chief conductor to a different view of the world. Flowering tree in the garden, elegant room in a hotel or an incredible sunset opens up to you the other side of everyday life, you will get satisfaction simply from the fact that you live on this planet.

3. To perceive life as a game

Adulthood pressure on all of us a new level of responsibility. But do not forget that at one time we were kids. Keep your sense of humor in any, even the most difficult situations.

4. Be thankful for every moment, happens to us

Be grateful for what life gives you. You can use the following procedure: at the end of each day, recall the previous day. For that you can praise yourself? What pleased you? Do not forget about such nice things - a smile mom, rosy cheeks son, who had come home after a game of football, the husband, who came home from work. Pay attention to the little things, do not dwell on their problems.

5. Protect yourself from burnout

"I distinctly remember this period. I was worried about everything but not myself. I worked at home, kept house while my husband was working in the office, stopping late. Where do you find time for yourself? And it must be, otherwise you dissolve in others and completely forget about his "I", "wrote Eric Lane.

6. Be prepared to change at any time

In life, nothing is permanent. Each event makes its own changes. But it's worth it. Nothing is more volatile than our life, and we must be ready for change. The main thing that will help to find himself - to live with an open heart and wide-open eyes.

7. Change the familiar life scenario

The scenario in which we live, is only in our minds. We are forming a reality. If you are unhappy with themselves and do not want to live the way you live now is an occasion to reconsider their views on life and help yourself to develop a new script, different from the one which is now live. You build a new reality and go along.

Try as little as possible to pay attention to the distractions and listen to the mind and heart. More awareness and life will appear before you in a new light, and everything will sparkle with new colors.