In Kiev, the doctors no 3500 UAH do not find time to

Together with the increased utility tariffs and the amount of "voluntary" contributions to the district of Kiev clinics. So, if earlier, doctors hinted charitable assistance in the amount of 100-200 UAH, now ask for ten times - 2500-3500 UAH.

Doctors do not have time

In the wake of rising prices and utility tariffs in the capital soared and prices for registration in district clinics. Patients are outraged that the sum of "voluntary" contributions for two years increased from 200 to 3500 UAH. By "lead" from Kiev Eugene turned Vitryuk, said that his pregnant wife was denied registration in antenatal clinic in the central polyclinic Podolsk district, since it does not have Kiev registration.

"I myself am from Kiev, and his wife - no. And local doctors allegedly did not have enough time to their patients, and here from other cities. But, the truth, for "voluntary" contribution in the amount of UAH 2500 clinic agreed to register his wife. This is very similar to the corruption schemes, "- he tells us, Eugene. "News" called the consultation under the guise of temporary residents in Kiev, Odessa citizens. But our "pregnant patient" also refused to accept the sending to the clinic on a residence.

Money need not only at the hem. As he told "Vesti" Sophia Barker, who is registered in the Ivano-Frankivsk, but lives in Kiev on the street. Shchorsa in antenatal clinics in Pechersk for permission to put on record with her demanded all 3500 UAH. And here in the clinic at the Towers tariffs for "charity" less - 700-1000 UAH. "However, if you do not pay, the doctor will not sign a medical certificate to maternity leave", - he tells us Anastasiya Plotnikova. By the way, in the contact center of the KSCA in 1551 recorded this year alone nine complaints that doctors need to pay "voluntary" contributions.

Doctors: nobody forces

The head physician clinics in Podil Igor Korolik called the charges of extortion nonsense: "Yes, we should in the clinic terminal, through which anyone, and only on its own initiative, may make a donation to the clinic fund. Some lists 10 UAH, someone - to 200 UAH. " According to him, the patient from any city can be registered. "The only thing we ask for confirmation of her stay in our area. Enough evidence even neighbors "- he explained.

The health department of the KSCA said that for polyclinics activity monitoring functions are in the district administration. A health department head Podolsk RGA Legiens Bogdan told us that the patient, regardless of registration, must register in the clinic after his written request.

Experts believe: the cases of extortion of doctors is much larger, and the sharp increase in contributions have affected the increased tariffs for communal and increase minzarplaty. "The fact that the contributions are growing - not surprising, given that the financing of medical fact, based on the growth of the dollar and the minimum wage is reduced. But that money is going: the purchase of equipment or in the pockets of doctors - you do not know - says the president of the All-Ukrainian Council of Protection rights and patient safety Victor Serdyuk.

At the same time, the former head of the Kyiv City Council Committee on Health, MP Alla Shlapak believes that the requirement to pay a fee for pregnant women - a violation of the constitutional right to receive medical care.

"Today, women are part of counseling centers, which are under the leadership of RGA. Previously, they had been in the management of territorial Medical Union, who controlled charitable contributions. Today these TMO eliminated. "

Bogdan Prikhodko, the newspaper Vesti