Named the most common causes of failure of dieters

To find out the cause of the "problem of the century" - the failure of weight loss - took, inquisitive researchers from the UK. They interviewed 1500 of the fair sex, who complained about the weight and for a long time, but tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. It turned out that most of the martyrs simply underestimate the calorie content of your diet, says health info with reference to

In particular, many of the ladies on the advice of nutritionists are trying to limit 1800 calories per day, but in fact ate more than 2200 kcal. With that, even in the absence of excess weight average recommended norm for women - about 2000 calories a day.

The researchers multiplied the day overeating (ie 2200 calories instead of the desired 1800) 365 and made a spectacular conclusion for the year slimming unknowingly going over 146000 kcal! Experts are not too lazy to calculate that this is equivalent to 608 calories of milk chocolate bars, or 1825 glasses of sparkling wine, or - 487 cheeseburgers. Women themselves admitted that they often could not resist just before the chocolate chips - because of them flew to the diet 44% of losing weight, as well as in front of the bread, which knocked astray 35% of women.

The researchers also collected a number of other interesting data about the reasons that prevent to lose weight.

1) Almost every second participant could not overcome the cravings for unhealthy foods late in the evening or at night - it was told 47% of women.

2) Many traditionally seized stress (40%), fatigue (36%) and sadness (35%).

3) The majority of women - 75% - hung up on their excess weight, think about it for at least two hours a day.

Nutritionists recommend losing weight to ponder the results of these observations in order to understand where most can wait pitfalls on the road to weight loss.