Slim waist without effort: clearing 15-day diet!

Reduce the volume of the body, especially in the waist area - one of the main goals of those who care not only about their shape, but also about health, health info reports with reference to

Fat deposits in the abdomen touch absolutely everyone: people who suffer from excess weight, and even the most wicked. Because of this, many have a strong disappointment when even the most strict diet fails.

The experts suggested that the solution to this difficult problem. Discover the 15-day cleansing diet that will help you lose weight at the waist and purify your body without harm to health.

Diet and its key moments

In order for this diet to be effective, and you really could lose a few waist sizes up to 15 days, several fundamental factors to be considered.

After this time, you can continue to stick to healthy eating habits, then the fat will slowly melt and melt before our eyes. It also will allow you to keep the result and prevent unwanted weight gain.

1. Healthy fats

Not all fats are equally bad for our body. Moreover, the so-called "healthy" fats he needs for proper operation of all systems and activation of metabolism (metabolism), which is responsible for burning calories.

If you choose unhealthy fats, such as pastries, fried foods, margarine, sausages, etc., It will get better very quickly, and I assure you that in the first place the fat will be deposited just in the abdomen.

But the fat, which is included in your diet:

Coconut and extra virgin olive oil.
Nuts and seeds (not roasted and without salt).
Melted butter.
Egg yolk.
Oil-rich fish.

2. High quality proteins

Yes, protein intake is largely helps us to reduce the volume of the body at the waist. That is why in recent years have become so popular variety "protein diet", in which, however, as there are some nuances.

You can not, for example, abused animal protein, as this may adversely affect the liver and kidneys.

Eggs and fish should be eaten sparingly, and try to increase your intake of vegetable protein, such as:

Nuts and seeds.

3. Reduce intake of refined carbohydrates

Admit it, lately we abuse refined carbohydrates. This bread, other baked goods, pizza, pasta and so on.

All of these products, do not contain a cellulose (dietary fiber), causing bloating, constipation and weight gain, which, of course, complicates our task to make your waist thinner.

So try to give up all this, or at least minimize the consumption of these products, giving preference to (wherever feasible) cereals, whole wheat flour and various cereals (buckwheat, kamut, etc.).

4. Give up sugar and alcohol

These are the two main obstacles to a slim waist. Sugar and alcohol should be excluded from the diet, as well as sodas.

If you manage to do it, you will immediately notice a positive trend (especially those who are accustomed to indulge yourself with something sweetly every day).

5. Increase your intake of vegetables

Any balanced cleansing diet involves a lot of different vegetables. They can be eaten both raw (salads) or cooked (boiled, steamed steamed or grilled).

No less important in the diet, and fruit, only also not get carried away by them, remember that the main thing to know in the whole measure. It contains the most natural origin sugar (fructose), but it can also hinder the fight against excess weight.

6. Tidy your hormones

In some cases, excessive amounts originators accumulation of fat in the abdominal area are hormones.

If you suspect at a hormonal imbalance (painful menstruation, menopause, etc.), you can include in your diet some supplement that could regulate the production of hormones in your body, such as Maca.

Maca - this tuber, originally from the Andes. In addition to the ability to regulate the production of hormones in both men and women, this root is credited with the following characteristics: energy supply of the body, improving the health of skin and hair, as well as increase libido.

Reduce Waist 15 days


Here are a few options for a healthy breakfast:

Green smoothies from fresh vegetables, fruits and roots of poppies, with the addition of olive oil (virgen extra).

Oatmeal with cinnamon and nuts, and vegetable drink.

Toasts of whole-wheat bread with melted butter and mashed berries (jam without sugar).

Omelet and sandwich (whole wheat bread and avocado).


Your lunch should consist of three meals:

Salad with seeds and sprouts.

A portion of carbohydrates: whole grain bread, pasta from durum wheat, potatoes, quinoa, millet, etc.

A portion of protein: meat, fish, eggs or beans.


Dinner should always be lighter than lunch. If you load up at night, forget about the diet, the weight will increase.

We recommend that your dinner consisted of:

Vegetables: stewed, steamed, in the form of a cream soup.

Easily digestible proteins: white fish, poultry, eggs or avocado.

Fruit: apple, pear, pineapple or papaya.