Named sport that provokes the development of dementia

Enjoy a glass of beer with friends cheer for the football team? Or maybe you dream of football career for her son? Perhaps, before such plans, you should find out about the results of the study, which scientists have spent at University College London and Cardiff University. It is possible that after this is your opinion about this sport has changed dramatically.

Based on the authors of the study data showed that football is a significant effect on brain structure. And the impact is not for the better, according to health info with reference to

As shown by the study of the brain dead six players at different times, all of them were obvious changes of gray matter structures. What was the cause of their dementia and premature death.

It turns out that over the years the players, "brings ever" repetitive microtrauma, which will eventually lead to the fact that change the fabric of the whole brain. The result - a violation of its functions.

And people can not even guess at the beginning of a change in the body, for the time being are not paying attention to symptoms such as disturbance of consciousness, dizziness, headache, confusion, irritability, tearfulness.

Meanwhile, all these symptoms may be a manifestation of chronic traumatic encephalopathy - the deterioration of brain function.

The authors of this study point out that it is too early to assert that dementia six people listed above has led only to a football game. Among the reasons could be the age and genetic factors, but the game of football certainly played a major, if not decisive, role.

Especially because even before this study, a few years ago a similar study conducted jointly by the US Department for veterans of sports experts and Boston University. The main conclusion of the work - 96 percent of professional football players suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy: 87 of the 91 players had irreversible brain signs of a degenerative disease.