Named the "winter" viruses,

Every year, humanity is faced with new and new viruses that mutate, adapt to drugs and continue to infect thousands of people. At the same time the end of winter and beginning of spring - a very dangerous time, when the body is too weak after the "hibernation", and viruses do not wish to retreat, according to health info with reference to

What kind of virus is to be feared?

In February and March should treat their health with increased attention, because it is during this period is very likely to pick up any virus or bacterium. The most common viruses of the following period.

The influenza virus. It is at the end of winter - early spring usually have the second wave of influenza. The genetic structure of the virus is constantly mutating. The immune system of a person is not able to recognize new combinations and in time to protect the body from harm. Scientists say that, on average once every 60 years there is a completely new influenza virus. The symptoms: general weakness, sore throat, fever. Dangerous virus that often has serious complications: pneumonia or other bacterial infection. In the fight against flu prevention is important: it is necessary to wash hands frequently, annually vaccinated against the virus, drink plenty of fluids, fully fed.

Adenovirus. The virus enters the body through the respiratory tract, as well as with food. Its symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, symptoms similar to the flu, sometimes marked inflammation of the eyes. The main means of preventing adenovirus - hand hygiene.

Rhinovirus. This virus loves moisture, so "settled" in the nasal cavity. It sent it airborne, and in contact with bacteria in the mouth. If a person has reduced the overall level of immunity, rhinovirus often leads to complications. It manifested the virus cold, which can develop into sinusitis, otitis media. Dangerous rhinovirus that has hundreds of varieties and mutates every year, so the cold can become chronic. Unfortunately, there is no vaccination against rhinovirus, so the only way to prevent there cleanliness. To deal effectively with rhinovirus is crucial human immunity, so it is necessary to continuously strengthen: a lot of walks in the fresh air, keep active, eat right.

Respiratory sinitsitalny virus. It provokes an infection of the lower respiratory tract, so it is very dangerous, especially for children. Starting disease caused by the virus, typically cold, followed by cough, bronchitis and pneumonia frequently. Treat the disease must be based on the complications that caused it.

Viruses - a scourge of civilized society, because they are constantly changing and adapting to the drug. Therefore, the main defense against them - prevention. If possible root from any virus, it is necessary to do so. Universal same rule virus protection - hand hygiene. After sneezing, we cover mouth with his hand and then undertake the same hand behind the door handle, handrail in transport - and the virus is instantly transferred to these items. That's why no regular hand washing and ventilation of premises is impossible to avoid viruses, regardless of the season.