Doctors: a healthy diet, there is no

Power is never healthy or harmful, because it can not be a universal supply system, indicative of all. This statement completely smashing all known today ideas about the correct use of food, it has been the world's leading specialist in gastroenterology and immunology Eran Elinavom, health info reports with reference to

Eran Elinav representing the Research Institute Weizmann, gave a new theory on the power held in Boston, the annual conference of the American Association for Scientific progress. The main idea of ??the scientist is "good" or "bad" food does not exist in principle, since the power supply must be individualized, depending on the characteristics of a particular organism.

Elinav with a group of scientists organized a study involving 40 people, divided into two groups. Within a few weeks, one of them consumed a bread homemade, and the other - shop. In summing up it became clear that all participants in the project only in its own way responded to the diet offered them, someone has recovered from a healthy home-made bread, and someone lost from the factory.

"The reaction of the people on the bread especially individual - as is the case with other food. Such personalized response we have seen to absolutely any type of food. The uniqueness of the individual reactions to food depends mainly on the intestinal microflora "- summed up Elinav.

The scientist says that the power of each person must be based on the composition of the bacteria that inhabit his digestive tract. Only in this case, according to the expert, the positive impact of food on health can be effective.

Such a diet "by itself" really helps to normalize blood sugar levels and excess weight loss, he says. People who want to lose weight, you need to, first of all, to change the composition of bacteria inhabiting the intestines, noted gastroenterologist.