A vegetarian diet will protect against

Vegetarians and vegans are much less at risk of diabetes, the study found, according to health info with reference to medikforum.ru.

The use of animal products doubles the risk of this metabolic disorder represents a mortal danger to life. And to increase the risk rather eat just one tablespoon of butter per day. Opening of Spanish researchers shows the great importance for the health of refusal from saturated animal fats in favor of the consumption of olive oil and nuts.

Scientists at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona evaluated the association between the use of different types of fats and the risk of diabetes of the second type. The scope of their attention were 3349 people, which has been monitored for almost 5 years. Eating more than 12 grams of butter every day almost doubles the risk of developing diabetes, but the inclusion in the diet is almost the same amount of fat yogurt was associated with a reduction in the danger of developing diabetes.

However, the use of meat products should be minimized, and other reasons. They are known to increase the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

In addition, many farms for rapid growth and to prevent animals received injections of antibiotics, which are then stored in the meat may penetrate into the human body, causing antibiotic resistance. But scientists from the University of Massachusetts have recently shown that a vegan diet helps build muscle as effectively as it is of animal origin proteins.