Named the hormones that help to lose weight once and for all

In our bodies there is a constant "battle of hormones", some of which want to bring our appetite back to normal, others and inciting to eat something harmful and many. How to win in it, says the expert, reports health info with reference to

We often korim myself for that now, "she cookies" after the already hearty lunch was clearly excessive. However, we upleli her joy as if someone made us do it Why we eat, by all the laws of common sense should already be fed? The thing is not only in the eyes zaviduschih, but in biochemistry.

But hunger can be brought under control. Here are four of the hormone that can help win this endless "Hunger Games."

1. Leptin - Hormone, in Greek means "thin". His produce fat cells, they also offer him a quick insight into the circulatory system. If the body is functioning properly, it itself will signal "stop" during the meal. In the body, people who are overweight tend to be generated by the increased rate of leptin, causing their brain simply ignores a stop signal, leaving the illusion of hunger even after saturation.

What to do: Reduce the level of leptin best to help aerobic exercise, said dietitian Svetlana Berezhnaya. He wanted to have - make a few simple, but intense exercise - swings his arms, legs, squats.

2. ghrelin - An analog of leptin, known as "appetite hormone". The level of ghrelin in the blood is directly proportional to the level of leptin. Daily exercise and good sleep will help keep the level of ghrelin in order. The study, published in the journal "Clinical Science" showed that a sufficient amount of protein in the diet helps keep the levels of ghrelin in normal.

WHAT TO DO: If you got hungry, eat 100-150 grams of cooked lean meat or the same batch of beans (it is rich in vegetable proteins), but without bread and other carbohydrates, they, on the contrary, provokes strengthening of release "Appetite hormone", warns Natalia psychoendocrinology Gridasova . For one meal to digest approximately 20 grams of pure protein (this is a piece of meat to 150 grams).

3. Cortisol - A stress hormone produced by the body as a response reaction to physical or psychological strain. It can cause a sharp burst of energy and excitement and at the same time provoke cravings for vysokouglevodistym products. Simply put, because often we stress seize sweets and biscuits.

WHAT TO DO: To keep cortisol levels under control, you just need to relax. Excellent help relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or listening to soothing music. According to the British and Australian studies, people who are under stress drank strong black tea or simply chew the cud, cortisol levels were 10-12% lower than that of others.

4. ESTROGEN - Sex hormone, the lack of which in the blood leads to a decrease in the level of serotonin (hormone of joy) and increase of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body, so that hunger is felt more strongly than usual, resulting in cravings for fatty, spicy and sweet foods.

WHAT TO DO: All the time to run to the fridge? Maybe you just do not have sex? Berlin University Studies have shown that people who lead regular sexual life (two and more times a week), much less likely to suffer eating disorders and overweight than those who do not go well with the intimate life.


Thinking about losing weight leads to obesity

How many times have thought that it is necessary to lose weight, most women attend, and men, too? I think, without any research can say about three times a day - after breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as a rule, they quickly disappear after the affairs. Perhaps it's for the better? After all, according to Norwegian researchers, women with perfectly normal weight, but I think they need to lose weight, are twice as likely to gain weight than those who do not own the figure annoying.

Experts from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology survey of 1200 teenagers aged 13 to 19 years and found six out of ten teenage girls think they're fat. And this is one of the most important factors that lead to weight gain to 20 years of age.

Overall, 59% of girls and 63% boys, incorrectly perceive themselves in adolescence, later suffered from excess weight.

Psychologists say that inadequate perception of their own body weight and shape starts in the brain of a teenager compensation mechanisms. That is, if people are too often thought that he eats a lot, then somehow he no longer thinks about food in general. From this excited brain hunger centers. As a result, there is less willing, in fact, people eat more and more. Some then comes the phase of remorse when begin a feverish search for a quick dump of weight, sitting on the toughest diet, exhaustion fiznagruzki. This can lead to failure of the hormone, which again leads to improper absorption of fats and carbohydrates and ultimately to obesity, Natalia Gridasova psychoendocrinology explained.

The main principle of maintaining a slim figure - is when hungry and not eating when not hungry. At the same time, according to another European survey of more than 90% of people in the snack simply because nothing else to do, or for the company throughout the day.