How to save on fashion products: 10 Ways

Many of us from time to time sit on a balanced diet fitness food and so on. Not surprisingly, the so-called "superfudy" have become so fashionable.

These include, for example, goji berries or kale kale, wheat germ, and chia seeds. Standing all these products a lot. However, by and large, this is only a marketing ploy, according to health info with reference to

For Brussels sprouts, for example, is more useful than cabbage kale, but it is not as hyped and not so expensive, so do not use special demand at losing weight obsessed.

In general, the price - not always an indicator of quality. Familiar products at a reasonable price are often more useful than fancy "superfudy". Here you have to compare a few examples

Goji Berries

Alternative: orange bell pepper

Outwardly, they look like tiny dried peppers. They are native to parts of Asia and are available in most supermarkets, but you can at least have them in handfuls, just like raisins, or add in some dishes. The berries contain a lot of zeaxanthin, a pigment, which is part of the retina. Its use helps to prevent age-related loss of vision.

But also contained zeaxanthin and orange bell peppers. Of course, the content is slightly lower (if goji berries this pigment contains 100 - 150 mg per 100 g, the Bulgarian pepper, about 37 mg per 100 g). But pepper you can eat a lot more than goji berries, and it is much cheaper.

Coconut oil

Alternative: refined vegetable oil

It is believed that coconut oil increases thermogenesis - the process by which the burnt calories in the form of thermal energy. This is facilitated therein saturated fats - triglycerides.

However, on the other hand - the saturated fat in coconut oil too much - more than 90% (for comparison, in the butter of about 60%), and these fats, like any other, are a rich source of calories. Therefore, for daily use are more suitable monounsaturated fats, which are contained, for example, rapeseed and olive oil.

Chia seeds

Alternative: sesame seed

Chia seeds, which are now accepted to add to baked goods, salads, yogurt, cereals and so on, come from South America. They are advertised as a rich source of vitamins and minerals

However, the sesame seed is much more useful and nutritious. In gram sesame contained five times more Vitamin E having antioxidant properties, twice vitamin necessary for the formation of red blood cells, and more calcium, magnesium, iron and copper needed for bone health, blood and immune system.

The sesame seeds, however, no omega-3 as in chia seeds. But if you at least once a week eat fish, it ceases to be a problem. Besides fish contains much more useful forms of omega-3 than in seeds of chia.

Raw cocoa beans

Alternative: cocoa powder

Cocoa powder, in fact, these are the same beans, but treated more version. It is believed that in its raw form, without prior roasting, the cocoa beans are more useful because they saved more than flavonoids, but this is a controversial issue: many nutritionists tend to believe that the word "raw" - merely a publicity stunt.

So quietly buy cocoa powder and do not waste money on raw cocoa beans (choose only cocoa with no sugar added). And the benefits of cocoa flavonoids lies in promoting a healthy work of the heart and brain.

Juice from wheat germ.

Alternative: broccoli

Dark green juice from wheat germs is dried and sold in powder form in health food stores. It is believed that chlorophyll, the green pigment wheat germ, the structure is similar to hemoglobin, the red blood pigment that carries oxygen to the body cells.

However, the fact that chlorophyll and hemoglobin are similar in structure, does not mean that they can perform the same functions in the human body. Chlorophyll is broken down by our digestive system. As for the content of nutrients in the shoots of wheat about the same as in the other, it is customary, vegetables, such as spinach or broccoli.

What would you choose? A portion of broccoli as a side dish to main dish or a handful of spinach in a salad or sip juice from wheat grass?

Shiitake Mushrooms

Alternative: white mushrooms

The shiitake mushrooms contain a compound called lentinan. According to the beliefs of Chinese medicine, lentinan boosts the immune system and even helps to fight cancer.

However, the number of lentinan in shiitake mushrooms is not so great - you are ready to eat, for example, a kilo at a time to achieve the standards?

Meanwhile, to strengthen the immune system does not bring less benefit ordinary white mushrooms, which contain a lot of selenium - an essential mineral helps strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, they contain a lot of potassium and vitamin required by the body.


Alternative: spinach

Spirulina - is the commercial name of a species of blue-green algae. They are grown in ponds in India and Hawaii, and then dried and sold.

The amount of mineral components in Spirulina is usually specified at 100 grams, but the daily serving of spirulina smoothie contains only 10 grams of the substance. This amount contains only 33 mg of calcium and 30 mg of magnesium (it is 4-8 percent of the daily requirement). In this case, 80 grams of spinach contains 17% calcium and 12% magnesium from the daily norm. And besides, it is much more iron.

Yes, Spirulina contains vitamin B12 essential for a healthy nervous system, but if you're not vegan, you find it easier to obtain this vitamin from dairy products, eggs or meat.

Almond milk

Alternative: semi-skimmed milk

Almonds are rich in magnesium, beneficial for bones and nerves. Also, iron and calcium. It can be assumed that the nutrients contained in the almond milk. But what we call the almond milk - this is only 2 percent of the almond, and the rest - water.

Vegetable milk replacer prefer vegans or those whose body is unable to digest lactose. But almond milk for their nutritional value does not go to any comparison with cow's milk.

In a glass semi-skimmed cow's milk contained 7 grams of protein, whereas in glass almond - only 1 gram. Besides, in the almond milk sugar are added to improve the taste of the product.

But the main thing - if adults to some extent can replace cow's milk with almond, it is contraindicated in children due to lack of almond milk substances necessary for the development of a child's brain.

Tiger nuts

Alternative: unsalted cashews

Tiger nuts are very convenient snacking. But, despite the name, it was not nuts and tubers with a touch of coconut growing in North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Special fiber contained in this product, supports the natural intestinal flora. A high content of iron and magnesium helps to overcome fatigue.

However, cashew nuts all these nutrients contained more. And just as they contain high amounts of unsaturated fats.

Wheat spelled

Alternative: flour made from ordinary
Spelled - an ancient wheat variety with a distinct nutty flavor. Many consumers believe that our ancestors who preferred only healthy foods, baked bread only spelled flour, until it was replaced by a conventional wheat flour.

But the composition of the two crops is practically the same. Only ordinary wheat contains selenium and little more dietary fiber, and spelled grade contains more natural sugars, but less protein and gluten. Because of this, many believe that spelled is better absorbed by the body. But foolish to think that people with gluten intolerance can safely absorb products from spelled flour. Gluten it is still present, and therefore to spelled celiac patients, unfortunately, is not an option.