Carnival: the secrets of perfect pancakes

February 20 began pancake week. Today, pancakes can be bought in every supermarket and restaurants specially prepared for the occasion special. This, of course, great, but nothing beats the warm, fragrant and delicate homemade pancakes, health info reports with reference to

Experts told what secrets you need to know to prepare a perfect pancake. Arm yourself with these tips - and go to the kitchen to fry masterpieces - piping hot.

Use the best quality products

Pawn tasty and fragrant pancakes - it is high quality and fresh ingredients. If you use for cooking your favorite treats only the best products, the pancakes and you will turn out delicious. Perhaps the only exception to the rule - the milk. It should be good by the manufacturer, but not necessarily the maximum fresh. Some like to cook and do a bit of pancakes sour milk - the taste and color.

In fact, many opting for pancakes quality ingredients, but otherwise prefer to save money by buying them cheap jam, chocolate or cream. The taste in the end still be lost, so if you decide to indulge in pancakes, then seriously consider the quality.

Be prepared ingredients.

To get a tasty pancakes, it is important to prepare the ingredients properly. Thus, milk and eggs should be heated beforehand to room temperature. The dough will only gain in taste and consistency.

Special attention is given meal. Some avoid this option and are prepared with delicious pancakes, but we recommend still sift the flour. It is crystal clear and without lumps, and the dough will result in an unusually soft and lush. For beginners, this rule is mandatory rather than desirable.

Add the dough vegetable oil

Another small life hacking, about which is sometimes overlooked: the dough, add the small amount of vegetable oil and mix it well. It will be enough 1-2 tablespoons.

What is it for? The consistency of the dough will become less viscous, and pancakes will not burn and stick to the pan. Yes, of course, you are pre-greased butter dishes, which will fry the pancakes, but the dough less sticky from this will not be, so do not ignore this simple method.

Do not overdo it with the oil to lubricate

We now turn to the oil for lubrication. Here again it plays the role of a matter of taste: some cooked pancakes in butter, others - on the plant, and the third and all the fat is used instead of butter. In principle, up to you, but you need to know some subtleties.

So, pancakes in butter are too greasy and not always well baked through. The majority in our country fritters fry it in vegetable oil. The main thing - do not overdo it with the quantity. For convenience, purchase a special silicone spatula. Then your pancakes will be moderately covered with oil. From such goodies you will get only a pleasure.

Use the right utensils

The ideal utensils for cooking pancakes - a cast iron or special pancake pan. The latter now sold in any shop with goods for the home. It is worth it is often not so cheap, but it is really worth the investment, which significantly simplify your life.

And iron, and pancake pans are well warmed and long keep warm. As a result, the best pancakes are baked through and out very tasty. And when cooking pancakes frying pan, you will easily turn your creations. This process usually causes the most difficulties.

Good heat the pan

Frying pan for pancakes should not just be hot and scorching. The expression "worst-first" is very often reflected in practice, but in most cases this is due precisely to the fact that the crockery is not warmed up. If the red-hot frying pan, the pancakes immediately grasped, and prepare them much easier.

Remember that with each new pancake your pan becomes hot, and this means that the time for each subsequent pancake need less. Be careful not to leave your pancakes for a long time, otherwise they will burn quickly.

Do not be afraid to experiment

There is a lot of variety of recipes for pancakes. When you have mastered the most simple of them, try to experiment and cook something new. For example, wheat flour may be replaced by any other. Interesting taste and as close to dominating the pancakes are obtained from whole-grain flour. In general, all horizons, do not be afraid to try new things open in front of you. Pets will be happy so delicious experiments!

Beautifully serve pancakes to table.

Of course, the delicious pancakes need a decent feed. Nice place them on a plate or serve stack garnished with butter and maple syrup or condensed milk. Do not forget about the berries, mint, powdered sugar, melted chocolate and other delicious ingredients that will make your pancakes even tastier.