3 effective ways to defeat jealousy

Many people get jealous when they are young, when they notice that parents pay more attention to their brothers and sisters. We are oppressed and wounded by the fact that the people we love are deprived of our attention. It seems to us that if we love someone, he must belong to us completely. Gradually jealousy passes with us into adulthood and manifests itself already in the relationship with the partner. Then the problems begin, says health info with reference to lifehacker.ru.

Jealousy destructively affects relationships. Your suspicions hurt your partner, he believes that you do not trust him. Being jealous, you demonstrate a low self-esteem and a panic fear of loss. All this becomes the reason of quarrels, disagreements and insults.

It is not easy for the jealous. They are tormented by suspicions, doubts, remorse. Jealousy inclines to inadequate and even cruel behavior towards the partner, himself and others.

You realized that you are jealous, and realized that this feeling makes you and the people around unhappy. But coping with it is not so easy. Three ways will help you.

1. Trust the partner

Trust builds strong relationships. It is the basis of friendship, a condition that helps to maintain mutual feelings. Can you say that you trust your partner? Most likely, yes. Most likely, you value this trust.

Then think about one more thing. Jealousy and suspicion, you kill everything that you cherish and be proud of. What is the importance of openness to each other and the habit of telling about everything if you do not believe your soul mate?

2. Understand if your suspicions are justified

If jealousy starts to torment you, then it's time to answer yourself to a few questions: "Does the partner give me reasons for jealousy?", "Do I have any real grounds to suspect him of anything?", "Does he deceive me?".

Most likely, you will respond negatively to all these questions. So what's the deal? To be jealous without a reason is just silly. If there are no reasons, do not invent them. Just throw the bad thoughts out of your head.

3. Become better

Think about what you are jealous of in another person. It can be an interesting character, a bright feature or an outstanding skill. Instead of envying, get this quality. Become smart or charming, learn to do a massage or make delicious coffee, bring yourself in shape, earn more.

Your partner deserves it. It's not about the final outcome (money, skills or traits), but in the efforts that you make to achieve the goal. Do it for the sake of a loved one.

Jealousy has a devastating effect on any relationship, regardless of their duration or strength. Fight with what jeopardizes your happiness. Live in harmony with your loved ones.