Women with age decline of cognitive function faster

As we age, our cognitive abilities begin to slowly deteriorate. Age-related decline in cognitive function is a normal process, but it may start earlier than we thought. a new study published in the scientific journal PLoS One, health info reports with reference to medicalinsider.ru.

More precisely not identified age, when it begins to happen cognitive decline. Some researchers argue that the cognitive abilities begin to slow down as early as 30 years, while others point to the age of 55 to 60 or even 70 years.

Scientists, University of California (University of California) in Los Angeles, decided to establish the average age of cognitive decline in women.

Researchers collected data from 2709 healthy women between the ages of 42 to 52 years old. Of these women, 80% passed the test of cognitive abilities. Several participants were excluded due to health problems, as a result of 2124 women were observed clinically for 10 years after menopause. They held annual tests on the speed of information processing, they checked verbal, episodic and working memory.

The analysis revealed strong evidence of early cognitive decline in middle-aged women. In general, during the 10-year period of cognitive function in women decreased by an average of 4.9%. In particular, the rate of reaction and perception that comprise cognitive processing speed was decreased by approximately 1% every 2 years, and verbal memory deteriorated by 1% every 5 years.

The researchers concluded: "This study shows that cognitive aging in women coming of age is associated with reduced processing speed and verbal memory."

However, the authors acknowledge that more research is needed to identify the factors that affect the rate of cognitive decline in older women.