10 issues that will help to solve Pilates

Pilates - it's not just the exercises on the mat, which offers a fitness club. And the effect on employment is not only the appearance - a beautiful and toned body, but also internal - a strong recovery of the whole organism and the solution of specific problems, according to health info with reference to goodhouse.ru.

1. Problems with joints

In most of the problems with joints can be positive and, as a rule, quickly affect using Pilates exercises. The consequences of various injuries, the weakness of the joints, caused by a sedentary lifestyle and a host of other problems are gradually solved in the course of a regular practice. Exercise techniques are selected in such a way as to comprehensively restore and strengthen all joints of the body, rejuvenate them by improving blood flow.

A lot of people come to Pilates, was injured in the gym - all the fault of not literate or excessive exercise. Pilates - the most injury-view fitness. The lack of impact loads on the joints allows you to protect them from mikrotravmirovaniya and yourself - from the unpleasant effects of training.

2. Back pain, cramps in the body

Pilates - method, based on thoughtful work with deep muscles of the body, the so-called muscular corset. This corset supports our body shape. Distortions and deep muscle spasms lead to violations of posture, headaches, body asymmetry, and other troubles. Full awareness of their actions during training and slow the pace of its work run deep muscles, the existence of which we often do not suspect, and to which "does not get" normal fitness. As a result, the training are as effective as possible not only in the sporting sense, but also give a nice "bonus" in the form of healing and relief of deep muscle tension.

3. Increased fatigue, chronic fatigue

Regular balanced work with the muscles and their lengthening and strengthening gives relief from tension in the body, fatigue and stress. After a month of regular Pilates becomes an easy gait, shoulders less clamped, aligned posture, the body appears vigor and energy. In Pilates engaged in learning is not only annoying, but also to relax their muscles. Nervous system gradually comes to the balance, making it easier to switch from waking to sleep mode and back.

4. Stress and lack energy.

Each Pilates involves focusing on breathing and its synchronization with the movement, which helps to calm down, clear the mind of all superfluous, to better understand themselves and concentrate. And now - we cease to attach too much importance to external factors, overreact to the trouble, go into a state of harmony and feel the strength to meet the challenges. After only 1-2 months of training, Pilates will become noticeable in the form of a pleasant change to tighten muscles, lack of psychological and physical stress, good restful sleep. All this will give a powerful charge for life goals.

5. Insomnia

Komples Pilates exercises, which include a conscious tension and relaxation of muscles in combination with specific types of breathing, give not only good health, but also improve sleep quality. This is due to the fact that muscle tension is removed from the cervical area, improves blood flow throughout the body, there is a harmonizing effect on the nervous system.

6. Difficulty breathing, problems with the cardiovascular system

These problems often lead stoop and tightness of the chest and shoulder area, which appeared as a result of sedentary work. A wide arsenal of means of reducing Pilates allows you to very gently and consistently affect the thoracic spine, improving blood flow to the vertebrae and increasing the space between them. At the same time strengthens the muscles of the front and back of the chest, develops respiratory muscles, relieve tension from the shoulder girdle and neck, improves blood flow to the heart area.

7. Caught shoulders, heavy gait

Indispensable attributes of a beautiful figure - a perfect tandem of healthy bones and muscles tightened. By stretching and strengthening the muscles, the spine gets the correct form, which provides a beautiful posture, shoulders free and easy gait. So, together with the study of all muscle groups, which occurs every Pilates, create your new harmonious silhouette and easy gait.

8. Overweight

Undoubtedly, the extra weight brings a lot of trouble to its owner, and affects the entire body, worsening the condition of the muscles, bones and joints, making it difficult to move. In Pilates, besides directly, healthy physical activity, strengthening the musculoskeletal system, weight adjustment also occurs as a result of the fact that from the body faster and better begins the withdrawal of excess liquid.

But weight loss is more pleasant to the secondary result of the comprehensive rehabilitation, which gives the practice of Pilates. Particularly distinguished this method of weight loss is its safety and organically. Weight goes slowly, without jerks and violence on themselves, so that the result is fixed for a long time, in contrast to the sharp weight loss techniques.

9. scoliosis and other spinal problems

Posture, we have already mentioned, but to pay attention to this important aspect will not be superfluous. Posture - not just bail beauty, but also a synonym for health. And it is with straightening and strengthening the spine begins the journey into the world of Pilates.

10. Issues of reproductive sphere

And on this side of our life may favorably affect Pilates. The core of the entire practice - work with the abdomen, waist and pelvis, and therefore impact on the nerves going to the genital organs. Improving the flow of these organs affects both male and female health, and the quality of sexual life. Not to mention, some self-confidence and joy gives a healthy and toned body.