Scientists: hallucinations exposed to every sixth person

Researchers from the UK have reported that their study proved that every sixth inhabitant of the earth suffers from hallucinations, according to health info with reference to

It has been proven that the hallucinations are characteristic not only for those who have any mental disorder, such as schizophrenia, but also, in general, healthy people. At the same time, scientists say that in some cases, hallucinations may be a variation of the norm, so surprised such statistics do not need to.

In order to understand how common hallucinations in humans, the researchers conducted a study, which was attended by 7500 respondents, it was the men and women of different ages and social status.

The results surprised even the experts themselves, as the frequency of hallucinations was striking people. In addition, hallucinations as a consequence of disease were more common than previously thought.

This study can be considered a breakthrough because it refutes the theory that the visions are always the result of psychosis. It has been proven that lead to the occurrence of hallucinations may also depression, anxiety and excessive concern. When psychiatric disorders accompanied by insomnia, heart irregularities and other symptoms, consult a health care professional.

Scientists say that the boundary between normality and deviation is very thin, so the judge on the presence of the disease must be carefully. In some cases, hallucinations may be a temporary phenomenon, the result of stress or severe shock, but in other cases could really talk about serious problems in the psyche. In this connection, the scientists recommend in the case of hallucinations always consult your doctor for help to obtain timely advice and assistance as needed.