Eczema: 9 of the rules that will help avoid complications

If in your life once broke eczema goodbye to her has not come out good. This disease linger with you for life, and at every opportunity to remind yourself. To the disease manifested itself as little as possible, you need to follow some important rules, according to health info with reference to

Daily water procedure.

For eczema, taking a shower or warm bath should be daily. At the same time, do not use soap and loofah - for you it will be better to wash with a mild detergent solution (lotion, balm), which do not desiccate the skin.

Humidification - this is important

After water procedures apply directly to the skin moisturizer - it will prevent the loss of moisture the skin and help prevent itching. To do this, use no lotions and cream or plain petroleum jelly. Please note that your moisturizer should not contain alcohol - it helps the skin from drying out. It is advisable to use the cream three times a day, for hands - each time after washing.

Do not irritate the skin

Try not to scratch the skin, and, as already mentioned, do not use scouring pads. When you scratching your itchy areas on the skin appear mikroranki in which easily penetrates the infection. To calm the itching, use a cream or ointment with menthol, which soothe the inflamed areas. If you scratch yourself in a dream, try to wear gloves at night beauty.

Choose loose-fitting clothing

Avoid tight clothes and coarse fabrics, such as wool. Instead, look at the free shaped from a soft material, such as cotton. Before new clothes put stretching it - at the new clothes can be chemicals such as formaldehyde, which irritate the skin. During washing, use baby powder detergents and fabric softening agents. Furthermore, after washing twice rinse clothes to surely wash detergents.

Avoid allergens

Eczema allergies does not apply, but the emergence of allergies can aggravate the symptoms of the disease. In particular, vysokoallergennym products that should be avoided include eggs, dairy products, wheat, peanuts, red or acidic vegetables and fruits. Moreover, it increases the risk of allergy dust, mold, pet hair, and pollen. If you have allergies, tell your doctor - that he may prescribe you a suitable antihistamine.

Use steroid funds.

I'm sure your doctor has attributed used to eliminate manifestations of eczema steroid creams and ointments. Do not neglect his recommendation, because these funds are able to quickly and safely remove the unpleasant symptoms. It is best to show themselves on the basis of a means of hydrocortisone.

Avoid stress

Stress triggers the release of "bad" hormones, suppresses the immune system and worsens the eczema. Therefore, in every possible way try to avoid stressful situations and find a way to relieve their consequences - sports, meditation, hobbies, etc.

Not merznu and do not overheat

Monitor to your body is not too hot or cold. Due to the cold or heat dries the skin, causing it to itch. Also make sure that the temperature of the water in which you bathe, was slightly higher than room - a hot bath or shower you completely contraindicated.

In the sun - with sunscreen

The sun's rays can make your skin more sensitive. Therefore, always going out in the sun, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30. Try to choose the means in which the composition has a zinc oxide or titanium oxide - they are more effective in combating the negative effects of sunlight.