Periodic abandonment of sugar will help keep

The fact that sugar is very dangerous, scientists say no the first time. According to a recent study of American specialists, giving up sugar can produce a surprising effect, according to health info with reference to An experiment was conducted with the participation of about 700 people. The volunteers for a period of 9 days completely removed from the diet of sugar.

And abstinence from sugar significantly improve the state of health, even in such a short period of time. Scientists have observed a stabilization of blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, and lower blood insulin concentrations. Based on this, the experts voiced recommendations regarding the use of the periodic failure of the sugar. About to eliminate sugar completely, they do not say.

By the way, warnings are not only sucrose. For example, it was recently established that poison becomes fructose when added to food and drink. It increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. But in fruit negative effects are neutralized.

Employees of the University of Barcelona conducted a study of rats who were given two different types of simple sugar. It turned out, the animals drank water with fructose, gained more weight than rats who drank water with glucose. Fructose is also a negative effect on metabolism, cardiovascular system, liver (increased risk of fat disease).