Scientists have questioned the benefit

Researchers from the Harvard School of Medicine and Boston Hospital Brigham and Women's Hospital have launched a four-year clinical trial of the COSMOS, which is expected to take 18 thousand people participated, according to health info with reference to

According to Harvard Gazette, the researchers hope that the results of research will last "dot all the i? and give a clear idea of ??how much useful for human products derived from cocoa beans.

Previous studies suggest that cocoa contained in bioactive substances - flavanols - help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as protect against dementia. However, too small scale of these studies have been inconclusive, said one of the authors of the project COSMOS JoAnn Manson (JoAnn Manson).

It is necessary to understand how cocoa flavanols act on the risk factors for various diseases - whether they reduce blood pressure, increase blood circulation there, whether the vessels expand, if the level of inflammation in the body reduces or improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, explained Manson.

Furthermore, during COSMOS study will investigate whether protects daily multivitamin cancer. The fact that the previous study by Manson and her colleagues found that men over the age of 50 years, every day for 11 years taking multivitamins, the risk of cancer has decreased by 8% compared with the control group, did not take vitamins . Scientists want to check would be possible to repeat this result, and to explore the effect of long-term use of multivitamins to women.

Since the risk of chronic diseases increases with age, in COSMOS will be attended by men over 60 and women over 65 years. When selecting participants, scientists have pointed out that these people had never suffered from cardiovascular disease, and have not been diagnosed with cancer in the previous two years the beginning of the study.

Each of the 18 thousand participants will take three capsules a day, but will not know what they contain - cocoa flavanols, multivitamins, their combination, or a placebo.

It is expected that participants will undergo regular medical examinations as well as the standard test for cognitive function.

Whatever the results of the study, even if they demonstrate that cocoa really brings great benefit to the body, it is unlikely doctors will recommend patients to eat more chocolate, said Manson. The fact that many chocolate contains fat, sugar and calories that outweigh the beneficial properties of cocoa flavanols.

Most likely, as a remedy will be used biologically active additives to food or drinks rich in cocoa flavanols.

Previously, scientists from Brown University in the US analyzed 19 placebo-controlled trials, which was attended by over a thousand people, and came to the conclusion that chocolate is good for the heart.