Products that accelerate aging of the skin

Keep your skin in good condition, it is sometimes very difficult because there are many stimuli, adversely affecting the skin. However, to aggravate the situation, say beauticians, and some are quite popular products, the consumption of which at least is desirable to reduce, according to health info with reference to

Packaged juices

Contrary to popular belief, that the juices are useful, any beverages purchased this type contain excess sugar. Especially harmful "green" juice, which is credited with the maximum utility. Consume the juice as possible, but only if you squeezed it yourself. Also, do not get too carried away and do not drink juice on an empty stomach. A more useful alternative to the drink becomes water, which has a positive effect on the skin, and her youth.


Many believe that the damage mostly canned tuna, and fresh fish is a threat. Useful usually wild tuna, which grew in vivo, but such a fish reaches the consumer very often. Tuna is grown in large quantities, using supplements along with food. Recent accelerate the growth of mass, but in a body underwater inhabitant accumulate mercury. Replace the tuna can, for example, salmon or other fish red.

Dairy products

First of all we are talking about the yogurt, as well as cheeses from cow's milk. Beauticians assure that one of the key causes of acne is exactly the above product. The milk has hormones that increase the production of male hormones, so the frequent use of it ends rashes and bad skin condition. Replace the product can be products where the basis is a goat's or sheep's milk.


Another quite popular product, but preserves typically either contain too much salt or sugar, so a person loads or kidney, or pancreas. This process entails swelling, puffiness of the face, as well as provoking the expansion of vascular network, dehydration and loss of tone.


Very demanded a drink, "famous for" its diuretic effect. Coffee displays the body fluid, which entails a loss of skin elasticity, dryness, wrinkles, as well as violations of the skin micro-relief. Beauticians recommend to replace the drink tea, because he is more useful to the body.

Products Whole Wheat

We are talking about white bread, similar to pasta, cereals, crackers, and baked on wheat flour. Products leads to the release of insulin, which leads to the appearance of acne and accelerate the skin aging process. As a substitute for pasta may make buckwheat noodles, white rice can be replaced by brown, and products made from rye or whole wheat bread supplant good.