Scientists have found out, on what floor it is best to live

Scientists from the United States of America reported that as a result of their research they were able to determine which floor is best for people to live, according to health info with reference to

In this study, researchers evaluated the safety and comfort, they conducted experiments to understand how to live safely at a particular height, as well as how to live comfortably on the large and small levels in terms of having the neighbors, the kind of the window, with the problems to get to the apartment, if you lift off.

Scientists have tried to consider all the factors that influence both the physical and mental state of a person for stays on different floors.

As a result, they concluded that it is difficult to talk about the ideal floor for all people, because they all have their pros and cons and the choice is individual.

For example, the scientists say that those who want to breathe fresh air, should choose the higher floors are the perfect choice for floor is the fifth to seventh.

However, people with dogs, this height will be the least comfortable, so they should opt for the first or second floor. If we talk about security - considered the best stories from the third to fifth. In case of fire or any other kind of danger from the inhabitants of these stories more likely to escape. And the most beautiful variant - to take an apartment on the higher floors where the panoramic view from the window.

Considering all the above-stated information, the researchers concluded that for a small family without children would be an ideal housing, located on the fifth to the seventh floor, the rest of the families have to choose the other floors.