Named the top 10 causes of erectile dysfunction

run to the doctor. Problems in bed - the worst nightmare for a man. Therefore, at the slightest trouble by men running to the doctor. But not always cope with the problem will help the urologist, because the root cause of erectile dysfunction can not hide in the urogenital system. Experts spoke about the 10 reasons that often compel a man to worry about their health, according to health info with reference to


Sexual excitement occurs in the brain, which then transmits signals to other systems. Depression can weaken this relationship and lead to erectile dysfunction. In addition, the impact on sexual desire are some drugs used to treat depression. They disrupt the transmission of nerve impulses and also instigate disturbances.


Daily use of alcohol leads to sexual dysfunction, although this effect is temporary - is the influence of alcohol and toxins. Alcohol affects blood circulation, thereby can disrupt blood flow to the pelvic organs. In addition, the "intoxicating" effect on the nervous system reaction that also affects the sex drive.


Medicines that you take can affect your ability in the bedroom. These include drugs for blood pressure, pain, and, as already mentioned, antidepressants. To stop receiving these funds without consulting with your doctor is not likely the treatment will not be canceled, but simply replace other medications.


Stress can have a negative impact on the work of many organs and systems, including on the urogenital, leading to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, in order to recover their ability in the bedroom, learn to cope with stress, learn to relax and sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.


Anger can provoke a rush of blood to the head, thus provoking its outflow to other bodies, including, and pelvic organs. Because of this, in bed at the wrong time can overtake failure. The unspoken anger can lead to prolonged problems in sexual life.


Increased anxiety can affect your self-esteem, it forces you to subconsciously avoid sex life. In this case, the problem turns into a vicious circle. To cope with this condition will help the therapist or psychologist.


The men of the extra weight reduces levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. That it affects the quality of sex, sexual desire, etc. In addition, because of the extra kilos disrupted blood flow to the penis, which also leads to erectile dysfunction.

Dislike for currently.

If you do not like his own reflection in the mirror, you feel stiffness and lack of confidence in bed. As a result, you can not tune in to sex, which further exacerbates the psychological problem.

Lack libido.

The absence of libido and erectile dysfunction results. Since it is the sexual desire is the first signal, which serves as a trigger for further action in bed.

Atherosclerosis and diabetes

and many diseases, including atherosclerosis and diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. Atherosclerosis is disturbed blood flow penis, diabetes and even violated the sensitivity of nerve endings. Also cause impotence can be high blood pressure, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and so on. D.