Scientists: people can live 500 years

Doctors from the United States reported that they were able to prove the possibility of extending human life to 500 years, according to health info with reference to

As reported by researchers, according to their forecasts, so many years people will be able to live in the very near future, science is close to that.

Currently, the maximum life span, according to the doctors, is about 120 years longer considered impossible. However, they are confident that the advances in medicine, transplantation and other related fields of science can significantly extend the life expectancy of people, as well as move the extreme border of more than three times.

Thus, the scientists predict people virtually immortal in the foreseeable future, which, of course, can cost money.

However, immortality comes not so soon, but that's a very long life may be attainable in the near future.

Google is one of the campaigns, which invest large amounts of money into the development of future technologies, including in the fight against all sorts of diseases and in the modernization of the human body, which will keep him young and healthy much longer. The company is also seriously invested in research projects in the field of genetics of disease, including cancer.

The scientist Raymond Kurzweil said that, according to his forecast to achieve a life expectancy of 500 years will have in 30 years. And then people will gradually come to present immortality.

In addition, scientists believe that the future of brain preservation technology, so it is believed that the future of neurobiology. Besides, 3D-print development will make it possible to replace the worn-out organs with new ones by artificial means.