Scrub avocado pits to help beat cellulite

Cellulite can be overcome by natural means, such as a scrub on the basis of avocado pits, according to health info with reference to

When we gain weight, we often begin to suffer from cellulite. What needs to be done to get rid of it?

You can buy a lot of anti-cellulite products in the pharmacy. Most of them are very expensive and often does not allow to achieve the claimed effect.

If you do not like the idea of ??overloading the body with harmful chemicals, which is found in most creams and gels purchased, do not use them.

Try using bone from avocados to combat cellulite, eat a balanced diet and maintain a level of hydration of the body is normal.

How to use bone Avocado against cellulite?

The so-called "orange peel" associated with fluid retention and poor circulation.

Conventional lotions do not help deal with fluid retention and normalize blood circulation, but it can cause inflammation of the epidermis, which will create the illusion of supple leather.

Stone avocado stimulates lipolysis and blood circulation.

Lipolysis - a digestive process by which fat is broken down. Microcirculation - is the transportation of nutrients, in which malicious cells are suppressed.

Stone avocado solves this problem in the bud.

From it you can make a great and all-natural exfoliant.

Side effects are minimal and it is very cost-effective solution.

How to make a scrub from avocado pits?

You will need: 4 avocado pits, Family Dining Room 4 tablespoons of olive, sunflower or almond oil (64 g).

Thus, the preparation of a scrub, step by step:

Chop the avocado pit or rub it on a grater.

Put chopped mixture in a completely dry jar. It is important that the process fluid can spoil!

Add to the butter and mix all until smooth.

When you get the desired texture, to shift the mixture in a closed and dark place for 3 days.

After this time, reposition it in the refrigerator, to the mixture is not moldy.

How to apply?

Try to use this scrub after taking a shower.

In hot water, the pores open and better skin quickly gets rid of dead skin particles.

It is best to apply the scrub massage in a circular motion clockwise.

Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes.

How else can use avocado?

Stone avocado not only helps with cellulite, but also can be used for many different other purposes:

Nourishing Mask

This is a fruit rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that improve the complexion. If you want to enhance the beneficial effect of the avocado, add to it honey, brewer's yeast, or yogurt.

The anti-inflammatory gel neck.

The above mentioned acids and vitamin E, not only relieve pain, but also struggling with the cause of inflammation. This gel does not cause any harm to your body, as do the paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Remember that all medications are purchased to give to provide undesirable side effects on our body.

The best ingredient against cholesterol

When we include avocados in their recipes, we take care of health. It has a high nutritional value and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Eat it for prevention and treatment. And the flesh and bone are useful for treating different diseases.