Researchers: people in cities live longer than in the village

Researchers from the UK have come to the conclusion that life in the city a positive impact on its duration and more useful than a life in the countryside, according to health info with reference to

As the edition of Courier Mail, its research scientists were able to disprove the myth that living in the country is more useful, because there is more than clean air, natural food and relaxed pace of life. These factors, in fact, there are, but they have no effect, but the lack of infrastructure and hard work, on the contrary, affect life expectancy.

It was found that, on average, the townspeople live 9 years longer than their counterparts in poor suburbs and rural areas, despite the proximity of nature and a good environment. An important factor scientists call higher education. Research has shown that it is it contributes to an increase in life expectancy. However, one of the important factors also include social living environment and personal qualities of the individual, but success is in last place in the list.

According to the researchers, also plays an important role banal comfort, which in rural areas, as a rule, is not enough, but in the city it is. Also in the city the high availability of medical care, a variety of food, all this helps people live longer. Now the Europeans are guided by the number of years spent on the job, as they depend on the size of a pension from them, and in the city, you can in some cases spend a lot less years to earn a pension and a greater number of years of rest, and the work itself can be much easier.