9 simple secrets that will help you on the way to a slimmer body

Ideal body requires will power, speed and time. You can achieve it only if you work at a time.

In addition, the dream figure requires us to be realistic. Age, metabolism and constitution - all these factors affect the way your body looks.

To begin imagine the body of your dreams. Then shall describe a plan of action that will help you lose weight and sagging skin.

Healthy weight loss with pleasure is even possible, if we take into account a few simple tips that will positively affect our health.

1. Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast can not consist only of coffee. Even worse, if you do not eat breakfast.

So you only are contributing to weight gain.

Our bodies did not eat eight o'clock and it needs recharging, to re-start the metabolism.

Proper breakfast should include a fiber, vitamins and protein. It is best to eat a lot of protein, which, for example, are rich in eggs.

Also do not forget that oatmeal - a perfect breakfast for our figures and our health.
What if we add to it a little bit of apples and nuts?

2. Plan your diet

So you will not come home and eat the first thing that comes to hand.

Plan your menu for the week and try to diversify its useful and tasty recipes.

3. Always carry a bottle of water

It costs nothing, and you will always be able to drink a small amount of water, which helps to eliminate toxins and cleanse the body better.

You can also add to it a little lemon juice to enhance its beneficial properties and give it a more pleasant taste.

4. Replace refined grain products whole grain unprocessed

Be sure to eat whole grain rice, whole grain breads such as rye or oats, wholegrain pasta, as well as the use wholegrain flour for desserts.

These simple changes in diet have a positive impact on health and can help to achieve the perfect body. It's worth it!

5. Walk at least half an hour every day

Surely you can release at least half an hour every day for a walk. Instead of relaxing in front of a TV or dive into a home routine, wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and go out into the street.

Walking - this is a great aerobic exercise that is beneficial for our heart health and promotes weight loss. Why not invite friends for a walk?

6. Say "Yes" beneficial fats

Never sit on a very strict diet that excludes the consumption of total fat. A healthy diet must necessarily include monounsaturated fats.

They are perfectly saturated, they care about the health of our arteries and increase the level of serotonin in the body, and thus elevate mood.

Do not forget about the following products:

Olive oil.
Flax seeds.

7. Eat chia seeds

chia seeds help us to achieve the perfect body. They speed up metabolism and help burn belly fat.

Also do not forget about the other useful properties of chia seeds:

They are rich in omega-3 acids.
They possess anti-inflammatory properties.
They help us to combat cellulite and prevent premature aging.
Excellent saturate.
Chia seeds perfectly regulate the bowels.

8. Perform simple exercises with resistance

Try to devote every waking minute playing sports. Do not be afraid if you do not have a suitable outfit.

Turn on your favorite music and walk the stairs. Do stretching exercises, push, poprisedayte, shake the press.

If you practice regularly, you will very quickly see the results.

9. sleeps 8 hours

Sleep every day to 7 hours or less is very harmful. Metabolism changes, you risk to make diabetes or chronic insomnia.

Also, when you sleep a little and constantly tired, the brain tries to replace the fun and relaxation of food, and so you gain weight.

If you neglect to sleep for a week, you start to eat too many carbohydrates, to compensate for the energy deficit.

In order to achieve the perfect body, it is necessary to stick to the routine of the daily routine.

Eat at one and the same time, sleep at least eight hours each day, play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.