Swedish secrets of longevity 10 tips on how to overcome the 100-year mark

Sweden - a country of centenarians. The majority of people of retirement age is the active age of life, and many 80-year-old man will not give and 50. Breakfast gerontologist Bertil Marklund reveals 10 good health secrets of his countrymen.

According to the health info with reference to psychologies.ru, according to research cited by Marklund, in his book "10 golden rules of health", our genes affect the life expectancy is only 25%, but the remaining 75% determines our way of life. From this, the author concludes: "Each of us chooses how he wants to grow old or how not to grow old."

Having analyzed the lifestyle of Swedish pensioners, the author singled out the main secrets of their longevity. And what is most valuable in its Guiding nothing difficult - no ingenious recipes for green smoothies, no complicated asanas of yoga. You only need common sense and a bit of will power.

1. Become an active

Swedes - sporting nation. In the morning, the country's half out for a run, and at the end of February in the schools hold special sports holidays, so that families can go to the mountains - skiing and snowboarding.

Physical activity reduces stress and stimulates the production of hormones of happiness. However useless and even detrimental to train 5 times a week. Just try to walk more or ride a bike, play with children in football or hockey, practice dancing or rock climbing. Let the motion will be a pleasure. Just as physical activity becomes a healthy habit. It is better for the body than a rare but debilitating exercise occasionally.

2. Do not worry about nothing

Dr. Marklund recalls that "stress response are necessary for us to survive." However, if you come out of yourself every time you can not find in the bag house keys or someone cut in front of you on the road, it's a bad sign.

We must learn to control their emotions and not let small troubles knock you off track. There are no universal recipes. Someone sufficiently deep breath and count to 10. Another may need help psychoanalyst or training on anger management. In any case, ask the closest point you at times when you "plant because of nonsense."

3. sleep well, but in moderation

At night our body is restored. Chronic lack of sleep immediately affects the appearance, weakens the immune system, leading to excess weight, and various diseases. However, sleep more than 10 hours a day, too bad. According to research conducted at Harvard, it affects the quality of sleep and leads to memory impairment.


Sweden - not very warm country. However, its inhabitants have learned to make the most of every fine day or in good weather, do not sit at home or in the office. At least lunchtime everyone is trying to hold on the terrace of a cafe or in the park. Because we all know that vitamin D is produced in the body when exposed to sunlight. And it is vital for the normal functioning of the nervous system, strong bones and immunity.

In addition, vitamin D is given is not the last place in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, depression, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis. However, to be exposed to direct sunlight all day, or go to a tanning salon in any case not necessary. This provokes the skin photoaging and may even cause cancer.

5. Eat a balanced, moderate, but diverse

It is useless to sit on diets and arrange fasting days. Simply minimize the consumption of refined sugar, semi-finished products, sausages and smoked meats. Lean on vegetable protein, foods rich in essential fatty acids (oily fish, vegetable oil), antioxidants and vitamins.

Sweden is rich in fish and seafood: salmon and herring there to eat, even for breakfast. In addition, the Scandinavians are respected vegetables (primarily various root vegetables), whole wheat bread and dairy products. Meat has not forbidden, but it is better every day.


Moisturize the body needs for normal functioning. A small reminder: our body is 60% water, and every day is losing up to 1.5 liters of water. If they are not replenished, the cells can not be updated properly, nerve impulses travel more slowly, the body is aging faster.

Stocks of water can be replenished not only with clean drinking water. The moisture of the vegetables and fruits, liquid soups, tea and coffee are also considered. By the way, recently, doctors are increasingly talking about the benefits of coffee. So, Bertil Marklund resulting in the book data proving that caffeine and antioxidants of coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The author reminds that Sweden ranks second in the world in terms of coffee consumption per capita. Every Swede home has a coffee machine. The average Swede drank 3-4 cups of this drink per day, and some more.

The inhabitants of this country is popular is a legend. In the second half of the XVIII century by order of the Swedish king Gustav III experiment was conducted to study the effects of coffee on health. The subjects were two twin brothers, who were sentenced to death for the crime. One should drink daily for three cups of coffee, and the other - the same amount of tea. King did not live to see the end of the experiment, but the brothers have lived a long life. First at the age of 83 years he died, he drank tea.

7. Watch your weight

It is known that obesity leads to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. At the same time, according to Dr. Marklund, so as not to gain weight, rather eat slowly, never taking supplements and choose healthy foods.

8. Take care of TEETH

Oral hygiene affects the whole circulatory system. Bleeding gums or inflammation can cause serious illness and even blood poisoning. So do not forget twice a year visit the dentist, carefully brush your teeth and do not lean on the sweet.

9. think positively

Bad mood leading to depression, wasting, chronic fatigue. Good news for those who have a glass is always half empty: Pessimism is curable. And the way a great many. We need to surround yourself with positive people, spend more time with family, to help those who need it, try to make the world better and to celebrate all the good things happening to you.

For example, try for a week every day to write in a notebook three things that caused you to kindly smile. And very soon you will realize that the reasons for joy is not so little.

10. Conduct an active social life

People often experience loneliness and die earlier. In their blood a high percentage of protein fibrogena. The protein causes the formation of thrombi that lead to the development of cardiovascular and other diseases. So it is more common with old friends and make new, gather for family dinners or one hobby that will often happen among like-minded people. Good options - dance lessons, chess, circle pottery or painting courses.