5 types of headaches, and a few ways to quickly get rid of them

Perhaps no man in the world who would not have experienced what we call "head hurts." In some cases, you can solve the problem yourself, others should immediately go to the doctor.

To make the right decision, experts have gathered for you detailed instructions on how to determine the type of headache, find the cause and alleviate their condition, according to health info with reference to adme.ru.

Headache from voltage.

It is also called tenzionnoy. It is the most common type of headache in the world of pain - every one of us felt it at least once in their lives.

Signs. Usually, this lightweight, non-throbbing pain. The circumference of the top of the head to feel the pressure as if you're wearing a helmet is small in size. It may seem that the muscles of the forehead and the eyes strongly tense and relax them does not work. The intensity of the frequent increases in the evening.

Causes. Tenzionnaya pain may be associated with severe stress, overwork, poor posture and awkward position for a long time the head. Chronic rare (less than 3% of cases) and is often associated with injuries to the head and neck muscles.

How to treat. To get rid of such a headache is usually sufficient analgesic. However, be careful to abuse pills is not worth it. If the headache occurs too often and for a long time does not pass, it is better to consult a doctor. Also try to do light physical education, regularly knead your shoulders and neck, to spend more time in the air to get rid of stress.

Sinus headache

Occurs when the inflammation of the sinuses. It is accompanied by fever, facial swelling, tension in the forehead and cheeks.

Signs. Strong pressure and pain in the sinuses: the forehead, the eyebrows, the area under the eyes. With a sharp movement of the head or stooping pain increases. The nose is not breathing, nasal hardly passes. Constant fatigue.

Causes. Occurs when the infection and inflammation of the sinuses. Due to the obstruction of pressure occurs, the lack of oxygen leads to fatigue. It may occur as a complication of a cold or be the result of seasonal allergies.

Treatment. Such headache rarely goes away on its own. If you are allergic, can help antihistamines. In another case it is necessary as soon as possible to see a doctor who will probably prescribe antibiotics.


All the symptoms of migraine arise during the attack, which has 4 stages of development, though not all of them can be fully expressed.

Causes. Migraine - this is often a violation of metabolic processes or cerebral vessels. There is also a genetic predisposition to develop the disease.

How to treat. No methods of full treatment of migraine. However, many people, it runs by itself. There are many drugs to alleviate the symptoms, select the desired help the doctor. Regular exercise and keeping fit and will significantly improve your health.

Cluster headache

This type of pain is rare: about 1% of the world's population, and in 80% of cases are men.

Signs. There are pains in the eye area often at night, usually on one side of the head. Eyes may blush, appear tears and a strong photosensitivity. Last from 15 minutes to 1 hour and are repeated daily. And then may be lost, sometimes for several years.

The reasons are not known precisely, but may be associated with the biological clock of man, as the pain occurs during certain times of the day.

Treatment. This type of pain is difficult to treat, as they appear sporadically and may disappear as unpredictable. Treatment only on prescription.


Causes. Guesses about how alcohol contributes to headaches, a lot. One of them - that alcohol enhances brain vessels and disrupts serotonin. In addition, alcohol dries out the body and dehydration is also known as a provocateur of migraine attacks.

How to treat. The best remedy - tablet pain medication, water and a good sleep. But treated with a joke hangover still not worth it. If you have a headache, even after a small dose of alcohol, maybe it's a mild form of migraine and alcohol just to provoke attacks.