If you have diabetes: 11 daily rules

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to seriously reconsider their way of life. After all, how active you are, from your diet and stress level depends on your state of health, health info reports with reference to medic.ua.

What basic rules should be followed on a daily basis to learn to live with their illness? Advise physicians.

Count carbohydrates

Diabetes has not forcing you to give up your favorite foods. But you should always remember that the food has a direct impact on blood sugar levels. So, ask your dietitian to teach you how to calculate the level of carbohydrates in products, in order to understand when to stop. This ability will help you to avoid the spike sugar levels and do not expose yourself to stress at the same time, refusing to from their favorite delicacies.

Control techniques food.

The easiest way to make your diet balanced - to control the portion of food. So, divide the plate into three zones: one of them is half, the other two - by a quarter. The largest part of the fill non-starchy vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, carrots, or green beans, the second part - starchy foods (potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat bread or pasta), the third part of the dose - protein (meat, fish or legumes ). Also, every day you can drink a glass of milk and eat half a cup of fruit or berries.

Keep a health diary

Keep a diary and constantly writes to important information about their condition, in particular, the level of blood sugar, the foods you ate for the day, exercises are performed, as well as taking medication. Also, write in your diary of health all that bothers you, then to deal with the cause of the bad state of health with your doctor.

Beware of infections

Diabetes adversely affects the state of your immune system, making your body susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Moreover, any morbid condition can improve blood sugar levels, so poostorozhnichat worth double. Bol, do a test for sugar twice as likely to drink more fluids and eat more vitamins. To avoid epidemiological infections, particularly influenza are vaccinated each year.

Monitor the reception drugs.

If you are taking any medication, do not dispose of the packaging and the ampoule from those that have been adopted over the past three days. This can help your doctor in case of side effects. Also, remember that some medications for diabetes can affect the action of other medicines, so before taking consult your doctor.

Avoid stress

Stress can affect your blood sugar levels, so you should take care about the welfare of your nervous system. To increase resistance to stress help exercise - they increase the level of chemicals in the brain that improve mood and health in general.

Stretch of physical activity a day

If you make a charge in the morning, and then the whole day lead a sedentary life, for the body is not very good. Try three times a day make the 10-minute walk - they also help control blood sugar and prevent many health problems, including heart disease, obesity and blood vessels.

Do power exercises.

To prevent the loss of muscle tissue will help to strength training (lifting weights, working with resistance training equipment, etc.). Studies show that such help regulate the body's consumption of sugar and insulin, and normalize weight.

Every evening Inspect feet

In diabetes there is nerve damage, especially in the lower extremities, so there is a loss of sensation in the feet. As a result, you can leave unnoticed injuries (cuts and rubbed sore), which will eventually rot, which can lead to tissue necrosis and subsequent amputation. So every night inspect feet and detection wounds ensure complete disinfection and care until they are healed.

Quit smoking

Smoking aggravates the course of diabetes and increase the risk of opportunistic diseases (heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, etc.). Therefore, if you smoke, define for yourself the date, when you say goodbye to this addiction, prepare yourself mentally and in every possible way be straightened with it.

Always a snack alcohol

If you decide to drink a little alcohol, eating his drink. Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels, and a light snack will help to avoid this. It does not apply the rule only snacks cocktails - due to the content of juices or other sweet components they raise blood glucose. Therefore, alcoholic mixes better drink clean water or soda.