Chewing gum and chocolate can be dangerous for

Consumption of chocolate and chewing gum can be dangerous for the human intestine. That is the conclusion reached by experts in the field of healthy nutrition from Binghamton University in the US, according to health info with reference to

Common food additives contained in chewing gum, chocolate and bread, can significantly reduce the ability of the cells of the small intestine to absorb nutrients and to block pathogens. It is a question of titanium dioxide, which is widely used in the food industry. People use this supplement for a long time, and the researchers decided to trace its effects on human health. Although previous research has already been established as titanium dioxide influences the intestinal microvilli now been decided to follow its effect at much lower concentrations - to nanoparticle level.

Titanium dioxide is recognized by regulatory agencies of many countries safe for human health, and its process of digestion the body seems to be well understood. This component is inert and insoluble material, which is used for a white pigment in paints, plastics and paper. It is also common in sunscreens based on minerals to block ultraviolet radiation. However, the titanium dioxide may enter the digestive system through the toothpaste as it is used to create the effect of abrasion, required for cleaning.

Finally, in the production of certain varieties of chocolate dioxide need to bring to them the characteristic soft texture. He donuts provide the color and skim milk gives a matte, which makes the drink more palatable. Scientists emphasize that in order to avoid contact with the nanoparticle titanium dioxide, it is necessary to reduce the content processed food in the diet and particularly sweets.