Onions can undermine health

Onion is associated with a healthy diet, as has long been known that it is full of vitamins. But physicians are reminded that this vegetable can have on the body and harmful effects, according to health info with reference to medikforum.ru.

Many people know that the onion is rich in volatile production, helping to fight off colds. It contains vitamins A and C, and B vitamins and others - this does not include minerals, such as phosphorous and iron. Nevertheless, physicians insist that in some cases the use of the bow need to minimize or stop altogether.

About backfire dishes with onions experts told the publication, "The Telegraph". In particular, the experts said that it is extremely dangerous to eat peeled onions, if before it some time spent in the refrigerator or on a shelf.

"Raw onions can only use freshly cleaned. The longer shelled and cut onion is outdoors, the more it absorbs bacteria. After 2-3 days, this vegetable becomes a real bomb and infectious nothing but harm can not ", - warned experts on nutrition.

In addition, raw onion is able to provoke jumps in blood pressure and bad influence on heart rate, doctors believe. According to them, in congenital heart defects, vegetative-vascular dystonia and post myocardial consumption of onions should be very moderate.

Also, warn health workers, do not have a lot of onions to those prone to mood swings, irritability and insomnia. This vegetable has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, they noted.

Dangerous onions, and the fact that it can provoke asthma attacks, allergic reactions. In addition, the bow greatly increases the acidity of the stomach and irritate the digestive system, which is fraught with the development of gastritis and ulcers.

In cases of chronic liver disease and a tendency to form kidney stones onion juice also can cause negative processes, the doctors added.