Scientists tell whether watching TV is dangerous from a short distance to view

The close location near the TV does not harm vision, scientists stressed. They told us where all this came a myth, according to health info with reference to

Many of us have probably heard from their parents or friends that if a person is too close next to the TV, by the same token it can ruin vision. However, this is just a myth that is not supported by research. Being far away from the TV can cause headaches in rare cases, but it is certainly not harmful to vision. Experts from the United States told us where all this myth appeared.

It originated in the late 1960s, when even a short time finding a nearby TV could actually cause harm to health. However, only if you have a color television company General Electric. In 1967 representatives of the giant acknowledged that many of the color TV sets created by them emit excessive amounts of radiation, due to manufacturing defects. Already at that time from regulatory agencies have established that the level of harmful rays coming from these televisions, approximately 10 - (!) 100 thousand times higher than the maximum permissible.

That is why experts are then recommended to keep children away from the TV. They stressed that if the distance between the eyes and the TV is a few meters, and its viewing does not last more than one hour at a close distance, no danger to health. Over time, General Electric withdrew from sale all damaged TVs and corrected the problem by placing a special glass filters in front of CRT. And since even a very close watching TV in any way he could not spoil the vision.

However, this myth continues to persist. Sellers TVs offer customers calculate the required size, depending on the floor area, but this is not due to the fact that finding too close to the TV is harmful to vision, and the fact that to get maximum enjoyment from watching certain distance must be observed.