Babies of smokers fathers grave danger

The researchers found that children of smoking fathers may subsequently manifest a resistance to life-saving drugs. In particular, a child can not respond to antibiotics, health info reports citing

Smoking male has a negative effect not only on his health, but also on the body of his child. The researchers found that male smokers more likely to have children with genetic resistance to various drugs. This means that a child can show immunity to certain antibiotics and even to drugs for chemotherapy that threatens his life. According to the study authors, this phenomenon is explained by the fact that children of smoking fathers are programmed to resistance to the toxic nicotine.

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts have used male mice that were exposed to nicotine before mating with females. Nicotine - fairly common drug which acts at the expense of the attachment to a specific molecular receptors. By providing access to nicotine mice, the researchers wanted to determine whether there will be pups in greater or lesser sensitivity to the drug, and whether this reaction is specific only to nicotine, or it will spread to other molecules.

It was found that mice whose fathers were exposed to nicotine, the body produces a certain protection against the toxic effects of the drug. Unfortunately, this resistance is spreading to some other medicines. Previously, other research has linked the diet of the fathers to the metabolic changes in their children, and the father of stress with anxiety behavior in their offspring. And now, a new proof of how harmful smoking is the man for the health of its children.

According to health info citing