How to avoid spring problems with the thyroid gland?

In the spring of disruptions of the heart are most often the result of acute illness. Fatigue, prolonged colds, vitamin deficiency significantly weaken the body and increasing solar activity leads to increased hormone production, and in many cases the cause of health problems is the thyroid gland, according to health info with reference to TSN.

Even with the minor disruption of the functioning of the thyroid gland may experience any side diseases caused by malfunction of the thyroid gland, often with completely normal readings hormones.

Thyroid - endocrine gland that produces three hormones (thyroxine, triiodothyronine and calcitonin). The first two control processes of growth, maturation, tissue and organs, and energy metabolism, calcitonin - calcium exchange of one control factor in the cells, a member of the growth process and apparatus of the bone (along with other hormones).

Why is there in the spring exacerbation

Blame hormonal fluctuations, restructuring provoked by seasonal biorhythms. Spring brings with it a sharp change in weather conditions, solar radiation becomes more intense, changing the length of day and night. The body in this period is very vulnerable and reacts exacerbation of chronic diseases. Including the impairment of the thyroid gland, which regulates all types of metabolism.

In addition, spring women tend to follow the figure and often harassed themselves increased physical activity, diet and cut back to a minimum. But the thyroid gland to complete the work necessary vitamins and minerals.

As suspected irregularities in the thyroid

Unfortunately, recognize the signs of violations of thyroid function is rather difficult due to their diversity and similarities with the symptoms of other diseases.

With a lack of thyroid hormone metabolism slows down, which is manifested by lethargy, drowsiness, apathy, weight gain. With an overactive thyroid, on the contrary, there is nervousness, sudden weight loss, insomnia, palpitations.

Changes in the thyroid gland is primarily reflected in the appearance. Dry, dull skin, acne and swelling of the face, dark circles under the eyes, the hair, lost volume and shine, exfoliating nails are often a lot more concerned than the general state of health changes. Solving Problems with the thyroid gland helps not only to get rid of health problems, but also to improve the health and appearance: the complexion, skin, stop hair loss.

How to take care of the thyroid gland

First of all, determine what the thyroid function by determining the level of hormones in the blood. Now in many laboratories the most modern and highly sensitive diagnostic methods to detect even the slightest changes, and thus, in time to see the hidden thyroid disease.

If you have years of unsuccessfully treat heart rhythm disorders, neurological disorders, skin diseases and digestive system, refer to an endocrinologist and pass appropriate tests.

To treat the thyroid gland and its diseases caused by metabolic disorders, the functions of various organs is much more difficult than to take care of their prevention.

Do not allow the disease to help control fluid intake and nutrition: a sufficient amount of iodine-containing food and drink should be in your menu every day.