5 food habits that will relieve migraine

You suffer from frequent headaches? Small changes in eating habits will help make migraine attacks less frequent, according to health info with reference to the Fireside.

Only those who suffer from recurrent migraines, you know how awful it is. In addition to the painful headaches, nausea man pursues, dramatically increases sensitivity to odors, light and sound. While migraine has passed, you can not deal with anything, except that, curled up, lying on the bed.

Researchers from Copenhagen University in Denmark found that people who suffer from migraines, 68% greater risk that they will be white matter of the brain is damaged. Of course, you can try to deal with migraines, taking medications, and sometimes they really save. Here only almost all of them have serious side effects. There is another way to reduce the risk of recurrent migraine - a correction of its power. A few very simple changes in diet can improve your quality of life!

Prefer organic products

When selecting meat, especially pork and chicken, remember that these animals are often fed drugs containing hormones. If you really want to eat them, give preference to domestic meat and poultry, and not what is grown on farms.

Do not get carried away with milk

It is better to exclude it from their diet, and here's why. Milk contains kozein, a special milk protein. For a healthy person it is useful, but for someone who suffers from migraines - on the contrary. Kozein often acts provocateur attack, so you should limit the intake of dairy products, as well as those which include milk protein.

Avoid simple carbohydrates

Products such as white sugar and pasta, contain simple carbohydrates. They cause a sharp increase in insulin levels in the blood, thus provoking the occurrence of migraine. Try to make sure that your diet has been less sugar and other foods containing simple carbohydrates (honey, sugar, jam, pasta, cakes, sweet fruit, etc.).

Drink plenty of fluids, but give up the energy drinks

Dehydration often causes headaches, so be careful to drink at least 1.5 liters of water during the day. But remember that your choice - herbal teas or plain water, no green or black tea, no coffee! The fact that caffeine is one of the triggers, which causes migraine.

Eat cold foods slowly

Love juice with ice or ice cream? Remember, too cold food, according to some researchers, may also cause headaches. This mechanism is not yet completely understood, but one thing is clear: if one gulp a glass of water with ice, there is a pain in the middle of the forehead, eyes and nose area. She then could turn into a migraine. Try to consume cold drinks and food slowly.