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Scientists representing the University of Toronto, concluded that people with type 2 diabetes is especially important to consume beans in the daily diet format. The findings of researchers on this subject published Archives of Internal Medicine journal reported health info with reference to

A team from Toronto, led by Dr. David Jenkins tested the beans on 121 diabetic patients. in the field of healthy nutrition experts have long extolled the plant products for their ability to stabilize blood sugar. The new test, scientists have shown that this property of the bean helps diabetics to better withstand the risks of violations of the heart.

"Bean help control blood sugar levels, reducing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases. When testing the diet offered to patients reduced the risk of heart disease by 0.8% - largely due to the reduction of pressure, "- shared Dr. Jenkins.

According to experts, the legumes are extremely low glycemic index, which reflects the speed with which the product is cleaved in the body and converted into glucose. As such, this product has no analogues, doctors believe.

David Jenkins recommended that patients with type 2 diabetes to eat 190 grams a day of legumes - beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, etc. Note that beans are also considered highly effective in weight loss and normalization of appetite.