Talk with your friends about sex can reduce libido

Modern celebrities openly share the details of his intimate life. This causes the common people could not help compare their lives with the "exploits" of the stars. According to the University of Toronto Mississauga psychologists, is to move away from any comparisons, if you want to maintain libido, according to health info with reference to The same applies to the comparison and discussion of sexual life with your friends.

At risk persons with sexual narcissism - and the pressing need to confirm a positive assessment from the outside. In general, the most interesting personal lives of others, but the extent of sexual narcissism strongly influences the outcome. If the degree is high, people will try to make a comparison is always in favor of themselves (probably will be their sex life as being outstanding).

And to learn that someone's personal life flows more rapidly, he will fall into frustration and begin to question their relationship. At the same time, as we know, dissatisfaction with personal life adversely affects the libido of both men and women. Hence in narcissists sexual tendency to compare ourselves with less experienced people in sexual terms.