Doctors: pillows - biological time bomb

Many people constantly complain of cough, dry throat, watery eyes. According to Dr. Lisa Okerli, it may be symptoms of allergy to mites waste products of living in the cushions, according to health info with reference to

It's no secret that millions of dead skin cells on a daily basis are bedding. And these cells feed on dust mites. If the pillow is not changed 10 years, then 10% of its weight can be dust mites and dead skin cells. Ticks are not dangerous in themselves, but their metabolic products contain an enzyme that causes allergic reactions in some people. If you have asthma situation is aggravated even more.

In addition to regular cleaning of the house and wash pillows, experts recommend not to fill the bed in the morning. The fact that pincers like heat and humidity. Therefore it is better to air the bed, leaving her to not seasoned. You can also open the window. Generally good when the house cool. Ticks do not like the cold and high temperature (should be washed at least 60 degrees).