6 products that will help to prepare for a date

There is something that will help you feel confident and calm. This is food. Nutritionists have told Daily Mail Online, what products should eat the day before visits to look and feel your best.

Nuts - to relieve stress

"We need to be aware that increased nervousness before a date can be fed an unhealthy diet," - said dietitian Shaun Wilkinson (Shona Wilkinson).

Nuts - almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts - will keep a lot of protein and healthy fats, it provides energy and helps to reduce the stress caused by the desire to constantly snacking. In addition, nuts - a good source of magnesium, it is very useful for the nervous system, so they will help to calm down and relieve stress.

Water, crunchy vegetables and fruits - for fresh breath

How to tell the nutritionist Cassandra Barnes (Cassandra Barns), get rid of anxiety for fresh breath will help to carrots, apples and celery stalks.

Pohrustev these fruits and vegetables before you leave, you clean the teeth from plaque, which can be the cause of bad breath. Furthermore, carrots, celery, apples and themselves are very useful, they also increase the production of saliva which neutralises the bacteria in the oral cavity.

A celery is also a natural diuretic, helping to get rid of the swelling.

Besides fruits and vegetables you should pay attention to the level of water consumption. As explained by Wilkinson, one of the common causes of bad breath is dehydration.

"If you are from those who live in one of coffee and forget to drink water, you will most likely by the end of the day will breath", - she noted. The fact that the shortage of water is reduced production of saliva. Saliva, as mentioned above, protects the bacteria from the mouth, and at its lack of microbes feeding on the remains of food in the mouth, are beginning to proliferate and secrete odorous substances.

Green smoothies - for healthy skin face.

There is nothing more outputting balance than on the eve of visits to discover the face of spots or pimples.

To look perfect, should make a green smoothie with avocado, pineapple, coconut juice and spinach, says Wilkinson.

Avocados help to moisturize the skin, pineapple saturate it with vitamin C, which enhances the production of collagen and spinach withdraw toxic substances from the body.

Legumes and yogurt - to the retracted belly

If you want to look and feel like a million dollars worth in advance to include in your diet legumes. As explained by nutritionist Marilyn Glenville (Marilyn Glenville), they contain amylose starch that is resistant to gastric juices and digestive enzymes, thereby reaches the large intestine virtually intact.

Amylose behaves like cellulose, allowing normal bowel function and food for the beneficial bacteria living there. All this will help you avoid such unpleasant especially during a visit events such as bloating and intestinal gas active selection.

Besides legumes, it is also useful for a few days before a date is, natural yogurt and sauerkraut every day - these products will help to normalize the intestinal microflora, and your stomach will not cause you any inconvenience at the most inopportune moment.

Dark chocolate - for mood.

If you just can not tune in, eat a few squares of dark chocolate, says Glenville.

Chocolate with high cocoa contains substances that can enhance your spirits.

Firstly, it phenylethylamine, which acts as a neurotransmitter which stimulates the appearance of feelings of pleasure. Second - magnesium required to produce serotonin in the brain, the primary hormone responsible for good mood.

In general, he said Wilkinson, you can eat any product that you really like - this will cause the release of "pleasure hormones" endorphins, and you will be much better.

Useful fats - to protect liver and stomach

To calm down a little on a date, you are likely to choose alcohol. To this should be prepared.

"It is important that you eat before drinking alcohol. This food should slow down the absorption of alcohol, thus helping the liver and protect the stomach from irritation "- said Wilkinson.

In this sense, useful before going to eat a piece of salmon on the grill or salad, seasoned with olive oil. If you do not have time for a full meal, you can eat a handful of olives.