It named the main cause of male pattern baldness

Researchers from the UK have reported that they have discovered a major reason why the men go bald.

It should be noted that the problem of female baldness also exists in the world, but it is not as acute as the problem of balding men, some of them begin to lose hair in the early years and 30-40 years did not have hair, the other bald gradually.

For many men, this problem is serious, and they feel a sense of uncertainty, they appear complex because of the lack of hair, and some are beginning to wear wigs. It turned out that bald men appear due to the genetic characteristics of their mothers.

In the study, researchers tested the condition of 50 thousand men who suffer from baldness. Doctors have found similarities in these men at the genetic level.

The study of genetic changes revealed the presence of 287 genetic mutations that can cause hair loss.

Thus, it appears that changes may be just in the X-chromosome, that is transmitted through the maternal line, however, suffer from these mutations mainly males, women are much less likely to be subject to such hair loss, but in some cases the problem can development and the fair sex.

Previously it was assumed that this disorder may be associated with problems of hormonal nature, but the fact that the disease may be genetic causes, scientists could only guess.

Now they hope that the study will find the means to combat this disease by affecting the modified genes.

Currently used to treat baldness hair transplantation may be found more effective tool in the future, which will solve the problem without surgery.