Sauna useful hypertensive subject to caution

In quiet phase after the sauna blood pressure, as a rule - is much lower than before treatment. Several studies have shown that regular use of the sauna has a positive effect on blood pressure regulation. A factor of this phenomenon - the improvement of endothelial function - the inner cell lining of blood vessels.

The next factor - the optimization of the regulation of the stress hormone. Nevertheless, sports medicine specialist Professor Reinhard Ketelhut of Berlin Medical Center encourages patients with hypertension to comply with certain limits.

Going to a sauna is a load on the cardiovascular system. Body temperature may rise to 40 degrees, enhanced release of the stress hormone cortisol, increased heart rate. 15 minutes of sauna for the load cycle ergometer at 90 watts: can be compared with the efforts of a man running to the bus with a bag in his hand. This increases blood pressure, especially when long visiting a sauna. It will fall again only in the resting phase after the sauna. If the pressure is stable, there is a great danger for the organism.

With the lack of physical exercise in the normal use of the sauna is very recommended, however, before the start of regular visits to the sauna is better to discuss it with your doctor - advises Professor Reinhard Ketelhut. Thus it is necessary to consider that, when a load of 1 watt per kilogram of body weight did not arise complaints. The pressure must be stable not only alone, but also in the load. If a person under the age of 50 years under a load of 100 watts blood pressure does not go over the bar 200/100 mm Hg. Art., then hiking saunas are not forbidden.

Norma load should be increased gradually: first, it is desirable to refrain from heat above 60 ? C with high humidity. For the first time recommended no more than 3-5 minutes in the sauna, this time can be increased after habituation. Patients with hypertension, it is not necessary to cool quickly after the lighting (in particular - in cold heart), they must be slow, controlled cooling in air no earlier than 30 minutes after being in a hot room.