Nutritionists: when sedentary life, too, can lose weight

When sedentary work and sedentary lifestyle is quite possible to get rid of the extra kilos. This statement was made in the United States respected nutritionist Rebecca Skritchfild in an interview with Prevention publication. For this purpose, it is advised to review the diet and follow a few simple rules.

It is believed that prosizhivanie in a chair in front of computer or TV does not contribute to weight loss. According to Rebecca Skritchfild, those who are at work forced to sit on a chair, it is important to acquire healthy habits that would help to stay slim on a background of total immobility.

In particular, the nutritionist recommended to eat during the day useful products - instead of snacking on biscuits and sweets slices of fruit, nuts, cheese, fresh vegetables. Also, she said, need to drink enough water.

"Many people have heard about the need to drink plenty of water, yet for some reason, often ignore this recommendation. Teach yourself to drink enough fluids is simple - put on your desktop a bottle of water, it will serve as a reminder "- gave expert advice on nutrition.

When sedentary work, recalled the expert, you need to make regular breaks - an hour, at most, two hours later. During each such change should move, you can drink the water, a cup of tea.

"It is important to remember that a continuous seat is injurious to health, such as warm-up help to relax, reduce the negative impact of sedentary work and puts an additional burn calories" - commented the doctor.

Skritchfild said 30 minutes of physical activity each day is enough to keep in shape. To reach this level, you can do the exercises while watching your favorite TV shows or talk shows, less use of transport.

Excellent solution - do not use the elevator and walk up the stairs, a specialist recommended.