Doctors advised to eat chocolate every day

Eat chocolate every day is necessary, especially if weather conditions force the body to lack of sunlight. According to doctors, the chocolate is unique in its composition of food products and therefore irreplaceable.

Scientists have stated that in conditions of lack of sunlight the main ingredient of chocolate - cocoa - tones the body and improves mood by stimulating the production of serotonin by the brain ( "hormone of happiness").

Due to such characteristics of cocoa regular consumption of chocolate at the end of the winter helps to reduce fatigue, decrease irritability and aggression, maintaining emotional balance.

Doctors emphasize that chocolate has a positive effect on the condition of the vascular system.

"The composition of cocoa beans include digestible fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and they, and not at all equal in the amount of zinc and iron. The substances contained in this product, stimulate the brain and improve memory, and normalize blood cholesterol levels, "- noted clinicians.

Apart from the fact that chocolate helps to reduce stress levels and supports the work of the heart, he is still, as doctors say, slows down aging.

"The unique combination of the cocoa present kokohil that triggers the growth of skin cells, which in turn reduces wrinkles. By stimulating cellular respiration and microcirculation, cocoa strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation - all combine to give anti-cellulite effect and improves the texture of aging skin ", - told the experts.