After 80 years of sex more enjoyable than after 50

If you think that after 80 years, you can forget about sex, then that's great news. Research shows that a high degree of emotional attachment that can withstand the test of time, allow people to get the maximum psychological pleasure from sex.

Researchers in the UK found that many couples remain sexually active after 80 and even 90 years. Experts talked to more than 7000 people in the country over 50. It was found that the level of sexual satisfaction in people after 80 than after 5060 and 70 years.

Scientists explain this more pronounced emotional ties and the growing sexual combinability. Although deeply elderly people have sex less often, self pleasure from this process increases at the expense of deep emotional experiences. It was also found that women are particularly easily excited after 80 compared with age 60 to 80 years. According to the authors the study, partly because of the strengthening of the depth of the relationship with age, when the partners know each other particularly well.

Also, the reason for this phenomenon may be the fact that the partners are retired already on what not distracted, they do not have powerful stress factors such as work and rearing of children, but they have much more free time and opportunities to enjoy each other's company. The results of this study show that sex at any age person can deliver joy, and from them should not refuse.