Sex outside of time: how to keep the passion in a relationship

Often we hear that after many years of living together "sex is not important", "at this age feel ashamed to think about it", "relationship to a new level," and so on. Do not believe it! Over the years, does not necessarily give up on sex. To be more precise - that in no case can not be done, experts underline. They have prepared a few tips to help keep the passion in a long term relationship.

Be kind

According to studies, marriage satisfaction depends on satisfaction in bed (which, in general, it is not surprising). And, despite the problems in life, the desire can be stored for many years. According to psychologists at the University of Florida, the main thing - to be helpful.

Of the five personal qualities such as friendliness, openness, neuroticism, extraversion, conscientiousness, namely benevolence - the key, which determines the intensity of intimate life.

That is, if you saw, often scold or criticize your other half - stop immediately. In the nervous atmosphere of desire dies quickly. And the restoration sometimes takes years and thousands of rubles to work with the psychologist.

Confess your love

The words "I love you" during the next act downright magical.

The study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, showed that 75% of sexual gratification of men and 74% of sexually satisfied women during sex regularly hear the cherished three words.

Many noted that the atmosphere and the conversations about sex are also of great importance. So do not hesitate says with each other!


In the same journal Sex Research said that the experiments do happier partners.

The problem is that many people are afraid of their fantasies: that they do not understand, condemn, throw in the end. You'd be surprised, but it is possible that your partner is suffering the same doubts. So go back to the previous paragraph, read it and start to talk.

Suppose you think that you are doing well studied and know what you like, and that - no. This is the rare case when there is a doubt of their feelings and go to the page sex shop.


Regular physical activity increases libido. According to the survey of 2015 the men who maintained a healthy body, note an improvement in potency. Furthermore, training may improve low libido.

Get enough sleep

Extra hours of sleep increases libido. But where to get them, even if the eight-hour minimum for many - a luxury?

Sleepy person spends several hours every day on all the small stuff, and says that sex is just not enough time. But just a couple of weeks of the eight-hour sleep - and the person does not know. He will no longer rush to the people, would be a kind, gentle, and libido will soar to the heights.

However, in order to restructure it needs serious willpower, and it always sleepy person is not capable.

In this situation, all hope for help and support partner. Try to go to bed on time, and you will see how sluggish sex life will begin to change.

Do not make sex commitment

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University refuted the installation of some psychologists "have sex more often." It turns out that couples who bring closeness to-do list, lose interest in it and turn love into a routine.

So forget the phrase "conjugal duty" and follow only his desire.

If you rely on the previous recommendations, it is sure to continue for many years.